Take the Pledge to Protect

As the situation changes and we move into a new phase of this crisis, the pledge below is a commitment each of us can make to demonstrate our concern for one another and our own capacity to act responsibly and compassionately during the COVID-19 pandemic. As more people take this pledge, our individual action contributes to a rising wave of people joining together in solidarity to prioritize the health, safety and well-being of all.

The Pledge

Until a vaccine has been developed and testing is accessible and available to all, and because of my desire to protect family and friends and my wish not to cause harm to another’s family or friends, I pledge: 

  • To follow the advice of healthcare workers and scientists about what I can do to help limit the suffering due to this virus
  • To protect others by observing stay-at-home orders and, whether specific orders are in place or not, continuing to limit my interactions and practice social distancing
  • To listen to the voices and expertise of those most vulnerable, those whose suffering is exacerbated because of the racism and social inequities that existed before this pandemic, and to value the dignity of all and stand in solidarity with those most at risk
  • To care for and advocate with those working in conditions that jeopardize their safety and those whose livelihoods are threatened because of the economic distress of this time 
  • To support those leaders who honor their responsibility for our communities by seeking ways to bring us together instead of tearing us apart

This pandemic has shown us just how intertwined our lives are, how intricately our own fate is bound to the fate of friends and strangers alike all around the world. Because of my belief in the inherent value of every person and the recognition that, in the end, we are all family to one another, I make this pledge.

Sign the pledge at this link or by filling out the form below.

 Thank you for taking the pledge!

I signed the Pledge to Protect Others during this pandemic. Join me & take the pledge today! #pledge2protect

Other actions you can take to share the pledge:

  • Take a photo of yourself with a sign that reads: “I took the pledge to protect others!” or just “#pledge2protect” or whichever line from the pledge most resonates with your reasons for taking the pledge. Post your photos on social media tagged with #pledge2protect and link to the pledge at www.mypledgetoprotect.org or send to us at rschmidt@paxchristiusa.org to add to the gallery on the pledge site. (Click here for ready-to-print sign!)
  • Make a sign (or use this one) that reads #pledge2protect and place it in a window of your home facing outward.
  • Record a short video sharing why you took the pledge and post to social media tagged #pledge2protect.
  • Share the pledge with 5 friends. Help spread the word.

Total Pledge Signers: 2241

Signers will be added and updated every 24 hours.
Organizations and titles are listed for identification purposes only.

  1. Sr. Patricia Chappell, SNDdeN, former Executive Director of Pax Christi USA
  2. Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, Bishop-President Emeritus, Pax Christi USA
  3. Simone Campbell, SSS, Executive Director, NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice
  4. Bishop John Stowe, OFM Conv., Bishop-President of Pax Christi USA
  5. Ronaldo M. Cruz
  6. Marie Dennis, Senior Advisor to the Secretary General, Pax Christi International
  7. Vicki Vernon Lott, Ph.D.
  8. Kathy Kelly
  9. Mary Yelenick, Pax Christi USA Anti-Racism Team
  10. Adrienne Alexander
  11. Ann Scholz, SSND, Associate Director for Social Mission, LCWR
  12. Robert Shine, Chair, Pax Christi USA National Council
  13. Alderwoman Heather Navarro, City of St. Louis (MO)
  14. Vickie Machado, Leadership Team, the Eco-Stewards Program
  15. Megan McKenna, Theologian/Writer, Pax Christi USA Ambassador of Peace
  16. Olga Sarabia, Pax Christi Southern California Co-Chair
  17. Beatrice Parwatikar, Pax Christi USA Ambassador of Peace
  18. Nancy Small, Pax Christi USA Ambassador of Peace
  19. Joseph Nangle, Franciscan
  20. Dianna Ortiz, OSU
  21. Tom Cordaro, Pax Christi USA Ambassador of Peace
  22. Jason L. Miller
  23. Madeline C. Labriola
  24. Cathleen Crayton, Pax Christi USA Ambassador of Peace
  25. Bill Carry, Pax Christi USA Ambassador of Peace
  26. Mary Carry, Pax Christi USA Ambassador of Peace
  27. Janice Vanderhaar, Pax Christi USA Ambassador of Peace
  28. Nancy Oetter, Regional Coordinator of Pax Christi Illinois
  29. Rosemarie Pace, Pax Christi Metro New York
  30. Denny Dreher, Pax Christi Maine
  31. Bob Cooke, St Rose of Lima and St Francis of Assisi Pax Christi groups (MD)
  32. Mike Walsh, Pax Christi Orange County, CA
  33. Rose Hummert, Chaplain
  34. Vic Hummert, Chaplain
  35. Gillian Frasier
  36. Bill Waters
  37. Patricia D Belongie
  38. Sister Mary David, OSB
  39. Veronica Fellerath-Lowell
  40. Tom Casey, Pax Christi Western New York
  41. Mimi Darragh, Pittsburgh Area Pax Christi
  42. Brian Ashmankas
  43. Michelle Sherman, Pax Christi USA National Council, Villanova University Campus Ministry
  44. Russ Banner, Pax Christi-Manasota (FL)
  45. Johnny Zokovitch
  46. Matthew Williams
  47. Ran Nisbett
  48. Mark Bradley Cappetta
  49. Carol Brenner SC
  50. Bob Sauerbrey
  51. Rev. Debbie Weatherspoon
  52. Pat Bergen, CSJ
  53. Julie Manhan
  54. Tony Santangelo
  55. Amy Zeder
  56. Sister Julie Grote
  57. Robert More, Coordinator, Pax Christi St. John Neumann (Reston, VA)
  58. Jennifer O’Malley
  59. Andrea/Detroit
  60. Dr. Ruth Rosenbaum
  61. Mary Rogers
  62. Linda N
  63. Wayne Porter
  64. Nick Phillips
  65. Joan Singleton
  66. Julie Atkins
  67. Anonymous
  68. Mrs. Rosette M. Bagley
  69. Anonymous
  70. Mary Ann Meaker
  71. Rita Cotterly
  72. Cetta Smart (Pax Christi SeedPlanters)
  73. Alice Pierce
  74. Mary Small
  75. Anonymous
  76. Anonymous
  77. Lois I Bernbeck
  78. frank M goetz
  79. Stanley Taylor
  80. Joanne McClarty
  81. Carmela Trujillo OSF
  82. Judith Davidsen
  83. Abigail Abysalh-Metzger
  84. Kevin Marshall
  85. katharine
  86. Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss
  87. Anonymous
  88. Br. Michael Gosch, CSV
  89. Rev. Ed Carpenter
  90. Sara Dwyer, ASC
  91. Evalee Mickey
  92. Wendy Clarissa Geiger
  93. Catherine Crosby
  94. Kevin Marshall
  95. Mary Jeanette Moran
  96. Susan O’Connor
  97. Kathy Chudoba
  98. Kay George Arnold
  99. Melinda Longford Power
  100. Michael Pastorkovich
  101. Paul Quinlan
  102. Kristin Fischer
  103. Linda Jenkins
  104. Mary Ann C. Holtz
  105. Robert Podzikowski
  106. Ellen Geis
  107. Benita Coffey OSB
  108. Jerrilyn Zavada
  109. Dennis Schafer, OFM
  110. Elaine L’Etoile, Pax Christi-LaSalette Shrine- MA
  111. John Ohlendorf
  112. Anonymous
  113. Pat Henry
  114. Martin Joseph Zatsick
  115. Robert Ehrsam
  116. Rob Conway
  117. Maryellen Redish
  118. Suzanne C Clark
  119. Julie Fissinger
  120. Edward Rowley
  121. Margaret A Flanagan
  122. Sister Carol
  123. Mary Pat Peck
  124. Jack Wall
  125. Gretchen Roos
  126. Father Mike Van Cleve
  127. Mary
  128. Judith Kelly
  129. Father Mike Van Cleve
  130. Bonnie B
  131. Dorothy Dwight, BVM
  132. Gigi Gruenke
  133. Anonymous
  134. Charlie Ara
  135. Mary Galeone, RSM
  136. Mary Julia Bailey
  137. DeeDee Tostanoski
  138. Margaret MacDonald Power
  139. joseph olson
  140. Dorothy Diederichs
  141. Nancy O’Byrne, Pax Christi Florida
  142. Patricia
  143. Kate Mcloughlin
  144. Anonymous
  145. Jean Drumm
  146. Fran D
  147. Bob Zeigler
  148. Reverend Harry J Bury PhD
  149. Fr. David Polich
  150. Ann Scholz, SSND
  151. katharine
  152. Carole Morales
  153. Olga Velez Sarabia, So.Ca.Pax Christi Region, Co-Leader
  154. William J. Mackinson
  155. M
  156. Sister Clare Pratt, RSCJ
  157. Mary Butler
  158. Rev. Dirk Damonte
  159. Martha Serafin
  160. Peter and Jane Eichten
  161. Peter and Jane Eichten
  162. S. Kilmoyer
  163. Patricia Belongie
  164. Sister Linda Snow, csj
  165. Garth Gillan
  166. Jan
  167. Patricia Colla
  168. John McDevitt
  169. Marlene Gillan
  171. Mary Ellen Meckley, BVM
  172. Mary Danhauer
  173. Pat Valaer- Pax Christi Michigan
  174. Bill Schilze
  175. Stephanie
  176. Sandra DeMann, fspa
  177. Terry Peck
  178. George Pospisil
  179. Jill Frasier
  180. EB Fleming
  181. Rachel and John Heuman
  182. John
  183. JV Connors, Ph,.D.
  184. Elizabeth Stephens
  185. Barbara Battista SP
  186. SheilaMarie Tobbe
  187. Fr. Bob Cushing
  188. Frances McCarron,ibvm
  189. Robert Bossie, SCJ
  190. Frances McCarron,ibvm
  191. Karen A Pramenko
  192. John B Helm
  193. Moira Egan, Pax Christi Metro New York
  194. Sister Marie Kyle
  195. Patricia A Pruitt
  196. Anonymous
  197. MArielos Bond
  198. Carol Damonte
  199. Gary LaVenture
  200. Dana Chester
  201. Judy Illig, IBVM
  202. Sheila Kelly
  203. Nettie Post
  204. Anonymous
  205. Ellen M.
  206. Rita Wells
  207. Sue Malone
  208. Patricia Chang
  209. Lyn Kirkconnell
  210. Catherine Topley
  211. Br. Steve Herro, O. Praem.
  212. Camille S Yahm
  213. Anonymous
  214. Ardeth Platte, OP
  215. Carol Gilbert, OP
  217. Mary
  218. Patty Johnson, Sisters of St Joseph of Carondelet Leadership
  219. ms. linda nishi
  220. Charles Gardner
  221. Jack Hill
  222. Virginia Dorgan RSHM
  223. Anonymous
  224. Tom Mechtenberg a good
  225. Sister Rose Marie Tresp
  226. Sr.Karen Hartman, SFP
  227. Maureen Welch
  228. Mark Andersen
  230. Leona Wieland
  231. Anonymous
  232. Fr. Rocco Puopolo
  233. Sr. Beverly Anne LoGrasso
  234. Ben Ament
  235. Deborah Kuhl
  236. Angela Fitzpatrick,OSU
  237. Janice Cebula, OSF
  238. Stephen Ruemenapp
  239. Nancy O’Byrne, Pax Christi Florida
  240. Anonymous
  241. Cheryl Dearman Mills
  242. Bill
  243. Kim Lamberty
  244. Meg Campos
  245. Sister Mary Ellen Loch
  246. Gabriela Byrd Egging
  247. Phyllis Turner Jepson
  248. Karen J Bierle
  249. Myra
  250. Marlene Gillan
  251. Anonymous
  252. Dorothy Schuette, OSB
  253. Marcus Ebenhoe
  254. Camilla Brozovic
  255. Louis Egging
  256. Eileen McCann, CSJ
  257. Brenda Rascher
  258. Ed Lorenz
  259. Stephen Gasteyer
  260. John Shalanski
  261. Sister Mimi Ballard
  262. Margaret M. Haller
  263. Kim Redigan
  264. Anonymous
  265. Diane Ashcroft
  266. wendy carson
  268. Patricia & Peter Ladley
  269. Phil Runkel
  270. Walt Kelly
  271. Raymond Tetrault
  272. John Sivalon
  273. Vince Gartland
  274. Anonymous
  275. Marianne Bernard
  276. Valerie Miller ,SCN
  277. Annette Frey, S.C.
  278. Sr. Ginger Downey, OLVM
  279. Leslie Scarborough Potter
  280. Joseph
  281. Anonymous
  282. Sr Ann Barbara Plavac
  283. Jeff S.
  284. John
  285. Tracy Giglio
  286. Sr. Patricia Gardner, OSF
  287. Alicia Coomes, OSU
  288. Joe Goode
  289. Jason Miller
  290. Nancy Peters
  291. Anonymous
  292. Laetitia Bordes, SH
  293. John Eustice, CSV
  294. Mary Campbell
  295. Kathleen Heller
  296. Mary Frances Uicker, IHM
  297. Sr. Barbara Finch csj
  298. Deborah Kuhl
  299. Carol L Kain
  300. christina fuller osf
  301. Maureen E. O’Reilly
  302. Gloira Switzer
  303. William Berning
  304. Kathleen Kaelin, OSU
  305. Anonymous
  306. Sister Mary Jo Nelson, OLVM
  307. Robert L. Schmitt
  308. Jean Murin, RSM
  309. Bonnie
  310. Mary L. Hanna – Pax Christi Michigan
  311. Frederick L Thelen
  312. kristina
  313. Michael and Carmen Kelly
  314. David Borzenski
  315. Chris
  316. Randel Myers
  317. Liz Maloney
  318. Kim Thompsen
  319. Alice
  320. Kathleen Schultz IHM, Detroit
  321. Carol Fausz
  322. Nancy Fackner CSJ
  323. Catherine Brown
  324. Laurie Bair
  325. Sister Betty Sundry
  326. Maureen D Beamer
  327. Martin Joseph Zatsick
  328. Deacon Denny Duffell, Pax Christi Pacific Northwest
  329. Nick Mele
  330. Sr. Danielle Bonetti, CSJ
  331. Catherine Grosso
  332. Cathy Woodson
  333. Betsy Wiest
  334. Dan Peitzmeyer
  335. Judy Rollings
  336. John Heagle
  337. Dan Moriarty
  338. Michelle Melcher Knight
  339. Sheila Matthews-Pax Christi La Salette Shrine, MA
  340. Patricia Lowery
  341. Timothy Schmaltz
  342. Anonymous
  343. Emily Auth
  344. Jean Mont-Eton
  345. Marc Adams
  346. Chris Bauer
  347. Dorothy M. Zambito
  348. Cathy Crayton
  349. Lynn Sale
  350. Anonymous
  351. Miriam Welly Elliott
  352. Michael Boylan
  353. Jo Clarke
  354. Nancy Sabol
  355. Anonymous
  356. Daryl Denning
  357. Suzanne English
  358. Joy Peterson, PBVM
  359. Mary Savitsky-Ulowetz
  360. Dianne Darwood
  361. Dorothy Rossi
  362. Elaine Paredes
  363. Charlene Bunch
  364. Nikki Nordstrom
  365. Margaret Kloecker
  366. Ryan L., Idaho, USA
  367. deni mack
  368. Rev. Dr. Beverly A. Bingle
  369. Patricia Miller
  370. Gail Bernstein
  371. Paul Driscoll
  372. Anita Taddonio
  373. Sister Nancy Marie Jamroz, CSSF
  374. Paul Witte
  375. Betty Thompson
  376. Karen Ball
  377. Elizabeth W. Corrie
  378. Donna Chappell
  379. Anonymous
  380. Cheryl Bough
  381. Edith Newman
  382. Kathleen A Pforr
  383. Mary Hembrow Snyder
  384. Nancy Long
  385. Lanora Queckborne
  386. Saima Scott
  387. CN
  388. Carole Lacour
  389. Marie
  390. Rev. Dr. Carol Vaccariello
  391. Cathy Z
  392. sarah
  393. Rev. Dorothy B Pearman
  394. Katherine C. Bini
  395. Anonymous
  396. Sister Marian Durkin, CSA
  397. Sister Ruth Battaglia CSA
  398. Margaret Chisholm
  399. Matthew Williams
  400. Susan Gunn
  401. Mary Alice Synkewecz, RSM
  402. Janice P
  403. Anonymous
  404. Anonymous
  405. Anonymous
  406. Anonymous
  407. Annette & Bill Shine
  408. Robert Hulse
  409. Sr. Rosemary Russell
  410. Rev. Cynthia S. Meyer
  411. Lorin Peters
  412. Carolyn Jarmin
  413. Penney Young
  414. Nancy Beaudry
  415. Anonymous
  416. Rob
  417. Christine L
  418. Christine L
  419. Kathleen H. Stephens
  420. maureen o’neill
  421. Jean Ockuly
  422. Eileen Grimaldi
  423. Rev. Randy Quinn
  424. Mark I. Davis
  425. Sr. ida Berresheim, CSJ
  426. Rev. Drew Himes
  427. Paul and Donna Brouillet
  428. Betty Schlickman
  429. Anonymous
  430. Anonymous
  431. John MacFadyen
  432. Anonymous
  433. Peter and Jane Eichten
  434. Colleen Tobiason
  435. Florence Quinn
  436. Lynn Marie Zawacka
  437. Joan Eighmey
  438. Wendy Larivee
  439. Robert Rebman
  440. Howard Moon
  441. Rita Panciera, RSM
  442. Sister Alita Kuehn O.P.
  443. Sr. Rose Therese Nolta, SSpS
  444. Jody Meyer
  445. Loretta Mercadante
  446. Sheila McLaughlin OSB Oblate
  447. Evelyn A Lamoureux
  448. Janice Etchison
  449. Sharon Mosier
  450. Teresa Zokovitch
  451. Anonymous
  452. D.M.S.
  453. Fr. Jim Hoffman
  454. Richard Alan Czaplewski
  455. R Salata
  456. Joe Garland
  457. Kathleem B. Pae
  458. Anonymous
  459. Barbara Czaplewski
  460. Anonymous
  461. Sister Chabanel Mathison, O.S.U.
  462. Mary Kay Martin
  463. Heather Lipinski
  464. Kathleen Holland
  465. Judy Coode
  466. Camille Brouillard, IHM
  467. Sr. Judy Lu McDonnell
  468. M SINGAUS
  469. Laura Krueger
  470. John Z
  471. Eleanor
  472. Susan Jenczka
  473. Mary Louis Rustowicz
  474. Jo Ann Capaul
  475. Barry
  476. Fr. Jack Schuler
  477. Michael Schreiner
  478. Concetta Smart (Pax Christi Seed Planters)
  479. Sarah Tipperreiter
  480. Mike Coughlin
  481. Kath Schneider
  482. Mary Lou Simcoe SUSC
  483. Tim Spruell
  484. Patricia Griffith, SUSC
  485. Lynne Schmidt, SSND
  486. Rachel Schmidt
  487. Frances Cavey, susc
  488. Mary Alyce Behrns
  489. Mary Sue Babb, CA
  490. Mary Louise Chesley-Cora
  491. Janet Luecke
  492. Grace Sciamanna
  493. Marlene Schemmel, csj
  494. Beth Begley
  495. Rose Marie Berger, Sojourners
  496. Cathy Schwinden
  497. Lorraine Leibold, OP
  498. Teresita Espinosa
  499. Anonymous
  500. Peter Lynett
  501. Ryan Colin Harnedy
  502. Mary Margaret
  503. Noelle J Bell
  504. Megan Hannon
  505. Judy Deicke
  506. Mcg
  507. Catherine Hurla
  508. Barb A
  510. Julianne Ture
  511. Sarah Delaney
  512. Val
  513. Kris G
  514. Pierre Thompson, Pax Christi Northern California Regional Representative
  515. Marion
  516. Eileen Demko
  517. Mary Ellen Carroll
  518. David Philippart
  519. Donna Lee OConnell
  520. Eleanor vaughan
  521. Jill M. Johnson
  522. Jill M. Johnson
  523. Anonymous
  524. KD
  525. Ann More
  526. Heather Hageman
  527. Sue Ickes
  528. Patty B
  529. Father Justin Hurtado Palomo, Ph D.
  530. Rita DeKlyen
  531. Lynda C.
  532. Katherine
  533. Marie Irene Gordon
  534. Kathleen Rafferty
  535. Anonymous
  536. Jessica K.
  537. Anonymous
  538. Anonymous
  539. Maura O’Hare Hill
  540. Arturo Torres
  541. Thom White
  542. Anonymous
  543. AMW
  544. Eileen
  545. Michelle K. Heck
  546. Cassandra Catroppa
  547. Anonymous
  548. Ann O’De
  549. Dan Beavers
  550. Gloria Kelnhofer
  551. Joann Ryan Aucello
  552. Marge Sears
  553. MaryJacinta
  554. Sr. Belinda Monahan, OSB
  555. Stephanie
  556. Patricia M. Baley
  557. Susan M Paschke
  558. Patricia Contreras
  559. Sets Amann
  560. Mariana Rexroth
  561. Francis Xavier Lilly
  562. Anonymous
  563. Jeff Zokovitch
  564. Kathleen M Flynn
  565. Anonymous
  566. Anonymous
  567. Angela Ferdinand & Family
  568. Kathy McE
  569. Marcia St. Louis
  570. Kristen Young
  571. Anne Baldwin
  572. Anonymous
  573. Hope Bauch
  574. Juli C
  575. Thomas Smith
  576. Anonymous
  577. Anonymous
  578. Karol Maybury
  579. The Tedesco Family
  580. John Castagliola
  581. Maureen
  582. mabe wassell
  583. Judy
  584. Stephanie Cross
  585. Anonymous
  586. Phoebe Valle
  587. Loren Crawford
  588. Anonymous
  589. Sue Farley
  590. Elizabeth Webster
  591. Pat Finan
  592. Chris
  593. Anonymous
  594. C Phyllis Brody
  595. Valerie Wagner
  596. Ann-Marie Mattocks
  597. Rachel Bruce
  598. Anonymous
  599. Lisa Gilligan
  600. Anonymous
  601. Ann V.
  602. Matt Knowlton
  603. Shelley Douglass
  604. Anonymous
  605. Anonymous
  606. Anonymous
  607. Christine H
  608. Jim Fien
  609. Anonymous
  610. Anonymous
  611. Anonymous
  612. Anonymous
  613. Jose Pinell
  614. Anonymous
  615. Karen L Day
  616. Kristi Iverson
  617. Judipop
  618. David N Artim
  619. Dori Berger Wozniak
  620. Anonymous
  622. Bill Cordaro
  623. Judy
  624. Anonymous
  625. Rabbi Amy Eilberg
  626. Sandra Lee Wilson
  627. Sandra Lee Wilson
  628. Julianne S Bancroft
  629. Marge Healy
  630. The Rev. Charles Earl Mahan
  631. Angelo A. Vigorito
  632. Karen Sullivan
  633. sharon orlet
  634. Brenda S
  635. Anonymous
  636. Janice Valder Offerman
  637. Matt Goodwin
  638. Christine Zimmermann
  639. David Thornton
  640. Anonymous
  641. Linda Flood Sexton
  642. Mona Burns
  643. Marcie Shea
  644. Patricia Hammarth
  645. Anonymous
  646. Katie C.
  647. Anonymous
  648. Mrs. Nancy Stock
  649. Barbara L Edwards
  650. Ed Ehmke
  651. Patricia Korenko
  652. Emily Killilea
  653. Marianne MacDonald
  654. Colleen
  655. Mary
  656. Peter Budagher
  657. Anonymous
  658. Anonymous
  659. Linda A Prado
  660. V.M. Cappello-Mottern
  661. Catherine Kenney
  662. Maureen Nealon
  663. Nan Gray
  664. Therese Kunze
  665. Darlene A Bilsley
  666. Susan
  667. Anonymous
  668. Michael Philipps
  669. Marian Sheeran
  670. Paula Wenzl
  671. Helen Gallagher
  672. Donna Becher
  673. Anonymous
  674. Brian Culley, CMF
  675. Betty
  676. Patricia M.
  677. J Ryan Williams MD
  678. Fr. Vincent Petersen OFM Conv.
  679. Patricia Gilbertson
  680. Kenneth Keenan
  681. Kathy
  682. Jennifer Carney
  683. Ronny Wolfrom
  684. Virginia Radel
  685. Linda Trzos
  686. Mary Hansel
  687. Mike Murphy
  688. Nancy Denton
  689. Jim Dempsey
  690. Mary Ellen Quinn, Pax Christi Maine
  691. Linda Crotta Brennan
  692. Anonymous
  693. Susan Allen
  694. Patty Cummings Pardo
  695. Carolyn McDonnell
  696. Carol Conell-Price
  697. Tony Millette
  698. John A. Donaghy, deacon
  699. Sara Damewood
  700. Anonymous
  701. Theresa Mader
  702. Anonymous
  703. Dede Coughlin
  704. Karen Coughlin
  705. Kathy Bencsik
  706. Susan Prado-Garcia
  707. BJ Mayo
  708. Anonymous
  709. Same as above
  710. Mary Lou Nygaard
  711. Socratics
  712. Anonymous
  713. Elizabeth Fleming
  714. Joan Kress
  715. John Fitzmorris
  716. Beth Shaum
  717. Leta Porter
  718. Anonymous
  719. Mary Nolan
  720. Linda McMahon
  721. Steven Orth
  722. Pax Christi – St. John the Baptist, Silver Spring, MD
  723. Kathy Donnermeyer
  724. Just as I wrote
  725. Annette Acosta-Dickson MD
  726. Kaela Volkmer
  727. Sue Klaus
  728. Anonymous
  729. Anonymous
  730. Tom Kinzie
  731. Anonymous
  732. Kathy Rotterman
  733. Christine Nutter
  734. Pat Anderson
  735. Marggie Royston
  736. Marggie Royston
  737. Anonymous
  738. Anonymous
  739. Lauren M Walker
  740. Anonymous
  741. Joanne Z
  742. Andrew Puntel
  743. Mary Jo Strom
  744. Chris Brandt
  745. Jane
  746. Michael Goleniewski
  747. Anonymous
  748. Suzanne Windram Mutic
  749. Terence Brennan
  750. S. A. Savage
  751. Eileen Durkin
  752. Nicole DeBurton
  753. Anonymous
  754. Janice R
  755. Elizabeth Lansing
  756. Anonymous
  757. Micki Laffen
  758. Sister Edith Bogue, OSB
  759. Mara Whitford
  760. Benjamin Cardenas
  761. Anonymous
  762. Susan Kellett
  763. Pam Bagniewski
  764. Patricia Soltesz, ihm
  765. Anonymous
  766. M A Nicholson
  767. Sarah Woodruff
  768. Mary McGurran
  769. Charmaine Cordero
  770. Anonymous
  771. Laurie Hay-Robinson
  772. Mary Kay Lamarre
  773. Kim Krzywy
  774. E. Hines
  775. John Winston Powell, M.A. (Theology)
  776. Violeta Ochoa
  777. Rosalinda R. Cardenas
  778. Aimee May
  779. Dr Lori Walton
  780. Anonymous
  781. MaryEllen
  782. Jenni N
  783. Anonymous
  784. Leslie Carey
  785. T. Fort
  786. Anonymous
  787. Cecilia J, Hayes,O.P.
  788. Jan Singer
  789. David Atwood, Pax Christi Houston
  790. Karen
  791. Lydia
  792. Anonymous
  793. Kirstin Abel
  794. Jennifer M. O’Loughlin
  795. Rev. Dr. Eileen Altman
  796. MRuiz
  797. Liz
  798. Anonymous
  799. Alina Sedlander
  800. Mary G
  801. Ella Apacible
  802. Anonymous
  803. Anonymous
  804. Ginny Lederman
  805. Lori Becker
  806. Anonymous
  807. Linda Riley
  808. JeannieTeKolste
  809. Patty S.
  810. Bleu Andersen
  811. Jeanne C
  812. Sharon Kroon
  813. Jessie Gail Atkins
  814. Michelle Kenoyer
  815. Donna Marple
  816. Christine Hyland
  817. Dr Michelle Stowe Ong
  818. Jacquelyn Seneschal
  819. Laura M. Westhoff
  820. Pastor Rich Horner
  821. Brenda Batistiana
  822. Erin Cheek
  823. Jerry Szostek
  824. Anonymous
  825. Kim Novak
  826. Justine Hughes
  827. Melody Smith
  828. Full
  829. Anonymous
  830. S. Bernadine Wessel, ASC
  831. B Stamey
  832. Sally Hofmeister
  833. Lourdes M Valdes
  834. Bobbie Surott Kimberly
  835. Pauline Jackson
  836. Valerie Bica
  837. Mary Lou Palas SC
  838. Sister Alice Arsenault,susc
  839. Susan Watson Craig
  840. Dr. Margaret Bortko
  841. Madonna Kuciejczyk-Kernan
  842. John Kozyra
  843. Anonymous
  844. Carol C.
  845. Mary Beth Sowa
  846. Anonymous
  847. Denny Chandonnet
  848. Anonymous
  849. Allison Blay
  850. Carrie Lee McClish, SNJM Associate
  851. Barbara J Sopp
  852. Belpre resident
  853. Rev. Lisa Garvin
  854. Rosalie G Riegle
  855. Dr. Peter R. Gathje
  856. Connie Willis
  857. Joseph W. (Bill) Lowell
  858. Sr. Clare Lentz, SP
  859. Deirdre McKiernan Hetzler
  860. Jack Tischhauser
  861. Mark G Russoniello
  862. Agnes Brien
  863. Mary Kay Flannery SSJ
  864. Anonymous
  865. Kathryn Diak
  866. Mary Ann Putman
  867. Shelley Mack
  868. Joanna
  869. Suzanne Fabick
  870. Sabra Kurth
  871. Chuck Calati
  872. Shannon Tritten
  873. Mary Kay Flannery SSJ
  874. Sr. Eileen Davey, susc
  875. Anonymous
  876. Kathleen Conway
  877. Mari Fabick
  878. Anonymous
  879. Barbara Richardson
  880. Susan z
  881. Lindsay
  882. Marie Sajsa
  883. Mary bowler
  884. Marie T Sajsa
  885. Mary Pat O’Gorman
  886. Gloria Ulterino
  887. Rich Stonestreet
  888. Diann C.
  889. Mary Hood Hart
  890. Linda Szocik
  891. Anonymous
  892. Phyllis Shepherd
  893. Anonymous
  894. Elizabeth L. Broad
  895. Sister Florence Bryan, SSJ
  896. Sherry Pasquarello
  897. Cecile Roeger
  898. Nicole Thomas
  899. Rita Bueche, SSND
  900. Sharon G.
  901. R. Jay Allain
  902. Susan P. Harden Pax Christi
  903. Ray Kirstein
  904. Dianne Sabol, OSB
  905. Teresa Gonzalez
  906. Father Joseph P. Keenan. S.T.
  907. Anonymous
  908. Joan Tirak, Pax Christi Michigan
  909. Margaret Mary Murtha
  910. Anonymous
  911. Conor J Reidy
  912. Sr. Christa Cunningham, OP
  913. Julie Montague
  914. Julie Montague
  915. EmilyBurt-Hedrick
  916. Sherry Simon
  917. Sister Una Davey
  918. Anonymous
  919. Anne McCarthy, OSB
  920. Sue Malone
  921. Joan Singleton
  922. Meredith Indermaur
  923. Mary C. Waechter
  924. Suzanne Shanley
  925. K Sikorski
  926. Rita Connell, RSM
  927. Anonymous
  928. Anonymous
  929. Lynne Craver
  930. Tamara Tahat
  931. Anonymous
  932. Heather Miles
  933. Ed Sullivan
  934. Anonymous
  935. Rev. Kathleen Bellefeuille-Rice
  936. Ed Sullivan
  937. James Cavendish
  938. Jean S
  939. Connie Jenkins
  940. Anonymous
  941. Cindy Liotta
  942. Ann Daugherty
  943. deni mack
  944. Eleanor Maclellan
  945. Betsy Monsalve
  946. S. Conroy
  947. Anonymous
  948. Anonymous
  949. Kay Coll, SSJ
  950. Frances Beard
  951. Sister Dolores O’Dowd
  952. Pierre Thompson, Regional Representative, Pax Christi Northern California
  953. Jeanne Allen
  954. Tony Blasi
  955. Yvonne Dilling
  956. Sr. Martha Ann Kirk
  957. Arthur Dawes
  958. Al Eisch
  959. Carol De Angelo, SC
  960. Veronica
  961. Dan Noll
  962. Kate McGloughlin
  963. Mary A Hunt
  964. Deacon Al Manzella
  965. Anonymous
  966. Anna Misleh
  967. Carol De Angelo, SC
  968. Rhett Engelking
  969. Rev. Grayson Van Camp
  970. Kristen weinman
  971. Melanie Teska
  972. Patricia Constantino
  973. Patricia Constantino
  974. Anonymous
  975. Susan Gustavson
  976. George Simon
  977. Andrea T.
  978. Barbara Rodgers
  979. Tracy Knapp
  980. Joe Maurer
  981. Marisa S
  982. Kathy Schneider
  983. Rev Vernon Meyer
  984. Neil Castronovo
  985. Patricia & Peter Ladley
  986. Tom
  987. Mary Small
  988. Anonymous
  989. Anna Misleh
  990. Jan pipkin
  991. Robert F. Moore
  992. Elsie
  993. Patti J McMahon
  994. Teresa Baustian
  995. Jim Wehan
  996. Robert F. Moore
  997. Helen Lansche
  998. Anonymius
  999. Mary Kay Hartman
  1000. Anonymous
  1001. Valorie Tappert
  1002. Donnal Walter
  1003. Marcy Kelly
  1004. Jan Parsons
  1005. Margaret L Himber
  1006. Suzanne Clark
  1007. Fr. William “Jud” Weiksnar, OFM
  1008. Thomas and Sarah Wannemuehler
  1009. Gerald R. Gioglio, ofs
  1010. Dcn. Luc Papillon
  1011. Judy Rollings
  1012. barb northrup ihm
  1013. Anonymous
  1014. Ed
  1015. Pat C
  1016. Susan Tanguay
  1017. Barbara Weigand,IHM
  1018. Ann D Hungerman
  1019. Anonymous
  1020. Therese Dougherty
  1021. Margaret Gearhart
  1022. RitavRinaldi
  1023. Gerald Waltz
  1024. Gail Addis, IHM
  1025. Carol Janowiak, IHM
  1026. Anonymous
  1027. B J Schlachter
  1028. Candy Warner
  1029. Anonymous
  1030. Anonymous
  1031. Sr. Cathy Murray, OP
  1032. Cynthia Church
  1033. Anonymous
  1034. Russell Little
  1035. Chris
  1036. Sue Schoenfelder
  1037. Scott Schaeffer-Duffy
  1038. Nancy Felker
  1039. Sr. Geraldine Nowak, OSF
  1040. Anonymous
  1041. M. Steinmetz
  1042. Michele & Richard
  1043. Alexander Vernon
  1044. Gail McFarlane
  1045. Margaret Mary
  1046. Annie Gudgalis Covert
  1047. Jill Darcy
  1048. Claire Schaeffer-Duffy, member of the SS. Francis and Therese Catholic Worker
  1049. Leonard Sjogren
  1050. Kari Fisher
  1052. Anonymous
  1053. Martina Pierini
  1054. Joyce M Rothermel
  1055. Joan yates
  1056. Liz Loria
  1057. Anonymous
  1058. Theresa Kohler
  1059. Mary Kay Crowther
  1060. Phyllis
  1061. Anna Marie Reha, SSND
  1062. Anonymous
  1063. Anonymous
  1064. Judith Bonini, IHM
  1065. Mary Patricia Beatty, O.P.
  1066. Susie Allen
  1067. Sr. Joan Mumaw, IHM
  1068. Karen Quinn
  1069. Gretchen Webb, IHM
  1070. Sandra M. Schneiders, IHM
  1071. Mary Sauers
  1072. Maureen Jessnik
  1073. Liz Rotti
  1074. Maureen Griffin
  1075. Susan Nagele
  1076. Anonymous
  1077. Leslie Lopez
  1078. Cheri Wolfe
  1079. Anne Wootten
  1080. Ted Miles, Executive Director, Maryknoll Lay Missioners
  1081. S. A. Fowler
  1082. Patrick
  1083. Agnes Anderson
  1084. Irene King
  1085. Janice Bannigan
  1086. Sonny Nguyen
  1087. Cynthia S. Caron
  1088. Father Mike Van Cleve
  1089. anonymous
  1090. Peg Hoffmiller
  1091. Karen B. E.
  1092. Madeline Labriola
  1093. Anonymous
  1094. Sister Susan Francois, CSJP
  1095. Mary Ellen Fox
  1096. Alice Zachmann
  1097. Linda Hanson
  1098. J. Patrick Mahon, Ph.D.
  1099. Patricia Valentyn
  1100. Mary Penelope Young
  1101. Steve Blay
  1102. Dani Clark
  1103. Sister Patricia Bagley, IHM
  1104. Sr. Quincy Howard, OP
  1105. JoAnn Goedert
  1106. Anonymous
  1107. Cindee C
  1108. Mary Bernadette Graham
  1109. Carmen Cervantes
  1110. Charlene Zeisset, SSND
  1111. Char Hoffman
  1112. Darcie Whelan-Kortan
  1113. Mary Egan
  1114. Katy Zatsick ARCWP
  1115. Bahney J Dedolph
  1116. Dotty Stumpf
  1117. Mr. Lloyd Penn
  1118. Kelli L.
  1119. Dana Carney
  1120. Ginny King
  1121. John Gozdzialski
  1122. Kathaleen Rawsthorne
  1123. Anne M Breen
  1124. Patricia J. Fontes
  1125. Steve and Christine Clemens
  1126. Vivian M Sawicki
  1127. Kathleen Pannozzi
  1128. Jack Jezreel
  1129. Carol Wentworth
  1130. Anonymous
  1131. Patricia Balestra
  1132. Winnie Tyler
  1133. John B Scarano
  1134. Meghan Moran Collins
  1135. D. Forster
  1136. Richard L. Gatjens
  1137. Anonymous
  1138. Sharon Halsey-Hoove
  1139. Chris Cahn
  1140. Anonymous
  1141. Fr. Kevin Queally, TOR
  1142. Louis Tjullo
  1143. Mary Smith
  1144. Maria
  1145. Candyce Rekart, IHM
  1146. Anonymous
  1147. John Zokovitch
  1148. Margo Murphy
  1149. Stella Storch, OP
  1150. Maureen McInerney, OP
  1151. Jane Levdansky
  1152. Sarah George, Emmaus Farm, Vanceburg, KY
  1153. Joseph Jones
  1154. Karen W Powell
  1155. Charlotte Davenport, CSJP
  1156. Sally Jones
  1157. Paul Canavese
  1158. Art Kane
  1159. Sr.Patrice Owens
  1160. Anonymous
  1161. Mary Ann Penner
  1162. Stephanie Budaker
  1163. Patti McKee
  1164. Michael Childers
  1165. Sister Patricia Soltesz,IHM
  1166. Rabbi Martin S Scharf
  1167. Sr. Janet
  1168. Sr. Catherine
  1169. Linda
  1170. Pamela Linnell
  1171. Anonymous
  1172. Francis Gargani C.Ss.R.
  1173. Mary Ellen Brody, RSM
  1174. Anonymous
  1175. Anonymous
  1176. Sharon
  1177. Anne Victory, HM
  1178. Anonymous
  1179. Amy Finn-Schultz
  1180. Mrs. Gerry Klinglesmith
  1181. Gloria Rivera IHM
  1182. Kelly Davis
  1183. Anonymous
  1184. Thomas Rooney OFS
  1185. Frank McCann
  1186. Anonymous
  1187. Susie Tierney
  1188. Anonymous
  1189. Rita Kratt
  1190. bobi keenan
  1191. Kathy O’Leary – Pax Christi NJ
  1192. Steve Zeder
  1193. Sister Linda Snow, csj
  1194. Michael roach
  1195. Eric T Carpine, ofm
  1196. Anonymous
  1197. Mary O’Connor
  1198. Daniel Roy
  1199. Mary Louise Bilger Pendergraft
  1200. Most Rev. John Michael Botean
  1201. Judith Hofmann
  1202. Jim David
  1203. Joyce Radtke
  1204. Anne McGuire Ferrara
  1205. George Powers RN,MSN,MEd
  1206. Kevin Morrisroe aka The Fool
  1207. Yes
  1208. joe schmitt
  1209. Bryan Massingale
  1210. David j Cheney
  1211. Kathleen T. Peck
  1212. Jo Garnem
  1213. Bob
  1214. Michael DeValve
  1215. Betsy Bilger
  1216. Mary
  1217. barbara burkhardt
  1218. Meg Bowerman
  1219. Michael Smith
  1220. Jennifer Kaminski
  1221. Maria M Salazar
  1222. Vie Thorgren
  1223. John Gruber-Miller
  1224. Pat imms
  1225. Therese J Terns
  1226. Joan H Smyth
  1227. Babs Breehl
  1228. John Gruber-Miller
  1229. Jan Valder
  1230. Louise A Roy
  1231. bill mcgregor
  1232. Deacon Juan F. Lezcano, OFS
  1233. Fr. Doug Hennessy
  1234. Rev. Eugene Squeo
  1235. Deanna Rose von Bargen RSCJ
  1236. Susan Yates
  1237. Jim Reader
  1238. Matthew OConnell
  1239. Sister Julie Cutter, DC
  1240. Pat Bero
  1241. Liz
  1242. Leon Alirangues
  1243. Mary Beth Hamm, SSJ
  1244. Anonymous
  1245. John Cloninger
  1246. Trudie Atkinson
  1247. kurt aschermann
  1248. Suzanne Rubenbauer, FSPA
  1249. Griffin W
  1250. Patricia J Gillis
  1251. Julie Brehove
  1252. Father Bill Kremmell
  1253. Paula Van Houten
  1254. Ronald Plue
  1255. Ellen McDowell
  1256. Ronald C Chochol
  1257. t h
  1258. Theresa I.
  1259. Jean Richardson
  1260. Amby Ortiz
  1261. Anonymous
  1262. Diane Gozdzialski
  1263. Anonymous
  1264. Mary Alyce
  1265. Mary Waddell, BVM
  1266. Mary Jo Iozzio, PhD
  1267. Therese Lewandowski
  1268. Ronaldo Cruz
  1269. Pamela Cornell-Allen
  1270. Dr. F Taylor
  1271. S Sporl
  1272. Joan Glisky, IHM
  1273. Maryellen Redish
  1274. Marilyn Lewellyn Mackinnon
  1275. Tony Gallagher, Toledo
  1276. Elizabeth Stephens
  1277. Fr. Terrence Moran
  1278. Kathy
  1279. Sister Janice Thome
  1280. VSB
  1281. Fr. Albert Kirk
  1282. Lisa Joan Reardon
  1283. Mary Ann McDonald
  1284. Sr. Laurie Niblick
  1285. John L Tischhauser
  1286. Linda A Prado
  1287. Beth Jordan
  1288. C. Malow
  1289. Tom Durkin
  1290. Anonymous
  1291. David Taylor
  1292. Leigh Braley
  1293. Anonymous
  1294. Anne Ryder
  1295. C Muscavage
  1296. Luanne Miller
  1297. Patricia Davis
  1298. Vero
  1299. Mary Leibensperger
  1300. Christine Romanko
  1301. William G. Fitzgerald, OFM
  1302. Anonymous
  1303. anonymous
  1304. John Anglin, OFM
  1305. Anonymous
  1306. Kathy Early
  1307. Pat Mulroy
  1308. Helen Schietinger
  1309. Carolyn R
  1310. Anonymous
  1311. Anonymous
  1312. Patricia Mitchell, OSF
  1313. Anonymous
  1314. Maryann Dolan
  1315. Mary Smith
  1316. Gary Johnson
  1317. Anonymous
  1318. Linda Mershon
  1319. Richard Urban
  1320. anonymous
  1321. anonymous
  1322. Anonymous
  1323. Marlene Weisenbeck
  1324. Nneka S
  1325. Marianne Muran
  1326. Anonymous
  1327. Pat Poehling
  1328. J.Jill
  1329. Sr. Laurie Sullivan
  1330. Joann Gehling
  1331. Karen Neuser FSPA
  1332. Anonymous
  1333. Fr. Larry Dowling
  1334. Mary Clark
  1335. Sheila Broderick
  1336. John Robinson
  1337. Paula Robinson
  1338. Bernadette Powell
  1339. Anonymous
  1340. Rose Gansle
  1341. Eileen McCann CSJP-A
  1342. J. Benson
  1343. Patricia Frank
  1344. Myra
  1345. Anonymous
  1346. Rita Fischer
  1347. S. M. Virginia SztorcI
  1348. Fran Ferder, FSPA, Ph.D.
  1349. Sr. Lucy Slinger
  1350. John Frank
  1351. Mary Liepold ofs
  1352. Marie DesJarlais
  1353. Karen A Pramenko
  1354. Anonymous
  1355. Anonymous
  1356. Anonymous
  1357. Daniel Fickes
  1358. Rob Carroll
  1359. Theresa M Keller
  1360. Deacon Terry Barber, ofs
  1361. Maria Elena Martinez, OSF
  1362. Anonymous
  1363. Father Paul Mark Schwan, OCSO
  1364. Josie Chrosniak, HM
  1365. Marcus Mescher
  1366. Anonymous
  1367. Elisabeth Boone
  1368. Madeline
  1369. Anonymous
  1370. Mary Spitler
  1371. Anonymous
  1372. Sister maureen Kelley, OP
  1373. Ann Pax
  1374. Anonymous
  1375. Anonymous
  1376. patricia miller
  1378. Dana Bauer
  1379. Patricia Frost, SSND
  1380. M Quintana-Barragan
  1381. Tony Magliano
  1382. Sheila Burton
  1383. Michael shunick
  1384. Anonymous
  1385. Betsy Bilger
  1386. Joyce Ann Hertzig, OP
  1387. Addile Le Martin
  1388. Marybride Misar
  1389. Rita
  1390. Anonymous
  1391. Margaret Flanagan
  1392. Andrew Lee
  1393. James E. Hug, S.J.
  1394. Anonymous
  1395. Kai Zokovitch
  1396. Anonymous
  1397. Beth Jordan
  1398. Robert Poignant – Editor of St. Francis RÉSISTANCE to Injustice…
  1399. Liz Hudson
  1400. ERMacre
  1402. Karen A. Jackson
  1403. Patricia Heath, SUSC
  1404. Mary T. Danhauer
  1405. Maria Strauman
  1406. Osler Rivas
  1407. Jim Vogt
  1408. Anonymously
  1409. Anonymous
  1410. Edward kubik
  1411. Anonymous
  1412. Brigid Chvilicek
  1413. John
  1414. Andrew
  1415. HARRY J. MEYER
  1416. S. M. Virginia Sztorc CSSF
  1417. Walter H Ruehle
  1418. Fr. Tom Marti, MM
  1419. Natalie
  1420. Anonymous
  1421. Sr. Sally Brady, OP
  1422. Claudia DiMartino
  1423. Ann O’Brien
  1424. Ann O’Brien
  1425. Frances LaPrad
  1426. Marylyn
  1427. Pamela B Cohen
  1428. Jennifer ODell
  1429. Gerald Chmiel
  1430. Anne MacFadyen
  1431. Dolores Boyle
  1432. Michael Pendergraft
  1433. Rob Lord-Schell
  1434. Jeffrey Land
  1435. Bill Ferretti
  1436. John Zemblidge
  1437. Susan B
  1438. George Pond
  1439. Catherine Wetzell
  1440. Sister Mary Lee Cox, OSF
  1441. Kathleen
  1442. Anonymous
  1443. Carolyn Hubler
  1444. Rev. Robert Norris
  1445. Kathleen E Weaver
  1446. Anonymous
  1447. Julie Fissinger
  1448. Marla Lang, FSPA
  1449. Mary Beth Moore,sc
  1450. J. Boberschmidt
  1451. Sister Catherine Cummings
  1452. Mike Jackman
  1453. Sugar Bear Comics
  1455. Anonymous
  1456. Adrienne kaufmann, OSB
  1457. Elizabeth Lutz
  1458. Kathleen Schatzberg
  1459. Anonymous
  1460. Elizabeth Webster
  1461. Anonymous
  1462. Anonymous
  1463. Christy Bantugan-Bohan Pax Christi San Diego
  1464. D. Burgess
  1465. Br. Joseph Bach, OSF
  1466. Mary Egan
  1467. Megan Murray
  1468. Saima
  1469. Corrina Thomas FSPA
  1470. Mary Wharton
  1471. Jason Millet
  1472. Rhett Engelking
  1473. Lynn Schiffhorst
  1474. Anonymous
  1475. Nancy
  1476. Bob Wharton
  1477. Rebecca P.
  1478. Anonymous
  1479. Rev. Chanda Adams
  1480. Anonymous
  1481. Mary Lou Mitchell
  1482. Harriet VanVessem
  1483. Kelly Quinn, IHM
  1484. Gregory Corrigan
  1485. Mary Stark
  1486. Maureen
  1487. Mark Gorman
  1488. Anonymous
  1489. Anonymous
  1490. Dottie
  1491. Anonymous
  1492. Beedee
  1493. Anonymous
  1494. Gretchen Kessler
  1495. Anonymous
  1496. Janet Thompson, sfcc
  1497. Addile Le Martin
  1498. Anonymous
  1499. Catherine Bertrand, SSND
  1500. Kaylie Collins
  1501. Ann Lacour, MSC
  1502. Mary Ellen Higgins, IHM
  1503. Elizabeth Trzcinski
  1504. Chris Koellhoffer, IHM
  1505. Arline M. Schoenberger
  1506. Marie McCarthy, SP
  1507. Nancy Hawkins IHM
  1508. Anonymous
  1509. Sr. Frances Marie Duncan, OSF
  1510. Gannon
  1511. Anonymous
  1512. Anonymous
  1513. Kate Kilpatrick
  1514. Sr. Vincentia
  1515. Anne Ledbetter
  1516. Anonymous
  1517. S Ramone Mary
  1518. Catherine Soley
  1519. Edith Chamberlain
  1520. Sister Patt Walsh, IHM
  1521. anonymous
  1522. Kate O’Mara
  1523. Sandra Marak
  1524. Anonymous
  1525. Sr. Carol Tobler, SIW
  1527. Anonymous
  1528. Anonymous
  1529. Cheryl A. Kennedy
  1530. Ruth A Harkins, IHM
  1531. Joe Hiss
  1532. Kathleen Gladden-Knouse
  1533. Anne Berry
  1534. Jim Murphy
  1535. Anonymous
  1536. Anonymous
  1537. Beth McEneaney ,IHM
  1538. Cel Hope
  1539. Anonymous
  1540. Katie Clauss, IHM
  1541. Anonymous
  1542. Patricia
  1543. Susan Torpy
  1544. anonymous
  1545. Jsue
  1546. Sarah K
  1547. Glenn Laundre OFS
  1548. As above
  1549. Mary C Fleege
  1550. Anne
  1551. Max Lewis
  1552. Sister M. Ancilla Maloney, IHM
  1553. Suzanne Duzen, SS.C.M.
  1554. Ann Murray
  1555. Rita Feeney
  1556. Nancy DeCesare
  1557. Anonymous
  1558. Mary Ann Adams, IHM
  1559. Mary Joanne Ulloa
  1560. Barbara Cannon Pyles
  1561. Jan Jeffers, IHM
  1562. Loretta Mulry, IHM
  1563. MKJ
  1565. Anonymous
  1566. James Vacco, O.F.M.
  1568. Anonymous
  1569. Mary Ellen Holohan
  1570. Joan Dupnik
  1571. Sister Jacquelyn Donohue, IHM
  1572. Julie Brann
  1573. J. M. Duke, IHM
  1574. Anne F Taylor
  1575. Mary Jo
  1576. Elizabeth Whipps
  1577. Roberta Smith OSF
  1578. Anonymous
  1579. Anonymous
  1580. Pastor Jane Ayers
  1581. Katie Kelley
  1582. Margaret Christi, O.S.F.
  1583. Tom Sobel
  1584. Mary Ehling, IHM
  1585. Sandy Halperin
  1586. Anonymous
  1587. Anonymous
  1588. Jeanette
  1589. Flor Montero
  1590. Billie Mazzei
  1591. Sister Janice Bader, CPPS
  1592. Debra Vance
  1593. Judith Ponder
  1594. Anonymous
  1595. Wynd Kaufmyn
  1596. Susan Roland
  1597. Katherine G.
  1598. Anonymous
  1599. Cecelia Lynch
  1600. Sr. John Michele, IHM
  1601. Anne Marie Gomez
  1602. Anonymous
  1603. Rev. Dr. Sheryl Palmer
  1604. Sue OC
  1605. Anonymous
  1606. Mary T. Cullen
  1607. Rev. Matthew Tate
  1608. J. F. Heinritz
  1609. Mary Anne Perrone
  1610. kay sparks
  1611. John Wozniak
  1612. Sister Mary Dostal, osu
  1613. Jennifer Reek
  1614. Anonymous
  1615. M-Line Rioux, CSJ
  1616. Anonymous
  1617. Christa Franzer, OSF
  1618. Sister Delia M McNeirney, IHM
  1619. Joan
  1620. Inge Kirk
  1621. Anonymous
  1622. Sr. Laurita Kelly
  1623. Kathleen
  1624. Susie Black
  1625. Anonymous
  1626. Anonymous
  1627. Joanne Madden, IHM
  1628. Mary E. Sullivan
  1629. Jennifer Garland
  1630. Mary Lange
  1631. Anonymous
  1632. Sister Joellen Tumas PHJC
  1633. Anonymous
  1634. Michael J. Iafrate
  1635. Anonymous
  1636. Mary A. Johnson
  1637. Anonymous
  1638. Anonymous
  1639. Anonymous
  1640. Maryellen Kane,CSJ
  1641. Mary E De Ridder
  1642. John Mostler
  1643. Robert Pechacek
  1645. Lupe
  1646. S L Thompson
  1647. Elaine Sanchez, SHF
  1648. Eileen
  1649. Anonymous
  1650. Nancy Macnab
  1651. Alicia Zapata, RSM
  1652. Lew
  1653. Holly Mohr
  1654. Rob Super
  1655. Catherine Minhoto
  1656. Delmarie Gibney
  1657. Darline Charbonneau
  1658. anne eggleston
  1659. Sue OC
  1660. Jeaniece Slater
  1661. Rev Carl Matthews
  1662. Kendra McLaughlin
  1663. Barb
  1664. Anonymous
  1665. Kendra McLaughlin
  1666. Janice Keenan
  1667. Margaret Carney OSF
  1668. Fatima Mary Santiago
  1669. Anonymous
  1670. Nicholas Holmes
  1671. Kristin Conrad
  1672. Elizabeth A. Rashid
  1673. Beverley
  1674. Austin Newberry
  1675. Raymond Gilbert
  1676. Shirley Tung
  1677. Trish Gough
  1678. Anita Goin
  1679. Dolores Kosinski
  1680. Timothy Westfall
  1681. Barbara Wamsley
  1682. Anonymous
  1683. Sister Anonymous
  1684. Barbara
  1685. Addile Le Martin
  1686. Susan Wilcox, CSJ
  1687. Steve M from Brighton Mi
  1688. Carole Rogers
  1689. Lauren Bailey
  1690. Michael Marciano
  1691. Barbara Baker Speedling
  1692. michael dale welsh
  1693. An
  1694. Leo J. Rogers
  1695. Suzanne Sims, OSU
  1696. Prof Richard Salvucci
  1697. Paul Doty
  1698. Richard Bauer
  1699. Anonymous
  1700. Sr. Patricia Froning, OSF/T
  1701. Peter Majura
  1702. Anonymous
  1703. Patricia Sheehan
  1704. Mindy Welding, IHM
  1705. Susan Gatz, SCN
  1706. Patricia O’Connor-Allen
  1707. Anonymous
  1708. Suzanne Sims, OSU
  1710. Marge Polys, IHM
  1711. Sr. Carol Downing
  1712. Rev. Ellen Huber
  1713. Sister Veronique Wiedower, CSC
  1714. Anonymous
  1715. Sr. Kathleen Burns IHM
  1716. M. Fogarty
  1717. Sr. Doretta Cornell, RDC
  1718. anonymous
  1719. Anne Carey
  1720. Diane Braendly, Associate I.H.M
  1721. Pat Eccleston
  1722. Eric Corbin
  1723. Marianne Gaynor IHM
  1724. Sister Judy Niday
  1725. Anonymous
  1726. Bennett Bray
  1727. Mary Jo
  1728. Sister Carol
  1729. Joyce Kahle, CPPS
  1730. Ronald Holman
  1731. Anonymous
  1732. Anonymous
  1733. Barbara Rose Koch
  1734. Bernard Tickerhoof, TOR
  1735. Joan C Prendergast
  1736. Nery Cummings
  1737. Mary A Sorensen
  1738. Anonymous
  1739. Kathleen McCaffrey Friedman
  1740. Pat Cuccia
  1741. Ms Gerry
  1742. Sister Mary Anne Sweeney
  1743. Anonymous
  1744. S. Rose Patrice
  1745. Anonymous
  1746. Sister Carolyn Bennett, IHM
  1747. Sr. Barbara Lenarcic, H. M.
  1748. Sister Jeannine Norton
  1749. S. John Evelyn DiTrolio
  1750. Sr. Rose Yeager, IHM
  1751. Sr. Rita Murphy, IHM
  1752. Anonymous
  1753. Anonymous
  1754. Pat Frost
  1755. Anonymous
  1756. S. Marcille McEntee, IHM
  1757. Anonymous
  1758. Carolyn Dimick
  1759. Mary Ellen Broderick IHM
  1760. Sister Mary Glackin, IHM
  1761. Jane Mary Carr
  1762. Daniel L
  1763. Anonymous
  1764. anonymous
  1765. Sister Teresa Walsh, CSJ
  1766. anonymous
  1767. Anonymous
  1768. Anonymous
  1769. Eileen
  1770. Veronica Vitelli Martin, DNP, RN, CRRN, NE-BC
  1771. S. Catherine Kaporch, IHM
  1772. S. Marie Gipprich, IHM
  1773. Sister Marie Duffy IHM
  1774. Paula Jameson
  1775. Danielle Bonetti, CSJ
  1776. Sister Suzanne McCullough
  1777. Sister Louise M. Goeller, IHM
  1778. Sister Patricia Godoy IHM
  1779. Sr.Barbara Anne Barnes, IHM
  1780. Sr. Barbara Anne Barnes, IHM
  1781. Mary Hards
  1782. Sister Cathy Nally, IHM
  1783. Sr. Mary Anne Hoesle, IHM
  1784. Dorothy Valerian
  1785. Sister Rose Marie DeCarlo, IHM
  1786. Lisa Mitchell
  1787. Anonymous
  1788. Pat Jennings
  1789. Jarek Kozal, Dominican Associate GR
  1790. Anonymous
  1791. Anonymous
  1792. Marlene Trambley
  1793. Anonymous
  1794. Maureen HM
  1795. Dorothy HM
  1796. Anonymous
  1797. Teresa Carter
  1798. Mary Lindenberger
  1799. Sister Margaret Pavluchuk
  1800. Sister Helene Thomas IHM Connolly
  1801. Anonymous
  1802. Anonymous
  1803. Jason Phillips
  1804. Mary Marks
  1805. Dan Dowling
  1806. Sr. Marie Christine McKenna, IHM
  1807. Ruth Gordon
  1808. Anne
  1809. David Lincoln
  1810. Sister Beverly
  1811. Sister Mary Ellen Loch
  1812. Roselyn Heil
  1813. Janet Lander
  1814. Judith Gradel
  1815. Gemma Doll OP
  1816. Anonymous
  1817. Sr. Karen Hartman, SFP
  1818. Ann Oestreich, IHM
  1819. Sr. Nicole Trahan, FMI
  1820. Sr. Alice Marie Giordano o.s.u.
  1821. on website
  1823. Anonymous
  1824. S. Marie Cooper
  1825. Rosemary DePaul
  1826. Bonnie Raine
  1827. Sr. Dorothy Pagosa, SSJ-TOSF
  1828. Buff Easterly
  1829. Sr. Regina Holtz
  1830. Stephen F. Jackson, Pax Christi IL
  1831. Ana Lydia Martinez
  1832. Ana Lydia Martinez
  1833. Anonymous
  1834. Mary Bobak
  1835. Sister Fran Demarco, RSM
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  1837. Anonymous
  1838. Sister Carol Woods, sfma
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  1841. Anonymous
  1842. Buff Easterly
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  1848. Reg McKillip, OP
  1849. Michael Gerard Lorentsen, OFM Conv.
  1850. Anonymous
  1851. Barbara Walsh
  1852. Dcn Tony Remedios
  1853. Si
  1854. Charles Rupacz
  1855. Sister Sharon
  1856. Anonymous
  1857. A concerned FL resident
  1858. Maureen C Donohue
  1859. bagluck48@gmail.com
  1860. Sr. Michelle Balek, OSF
  1861. Sr Mary Lou Averbeck, RSM
  1862. Anonymous
  1863. Suzanne Sims, OSU
  1864. Anonymous
  1865. Anonymous
  1866. Anonymous
  1867. Nancy Hawkins IHM
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  1872. anonymous
  1873. Mary
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  1876. Kim Nunez
  1877. Anonymous
  1878. Sister June Fitzgerald, OP
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  1881. Patty Grenquist
  1882. Jim Butler
  1883. Pat and Bill Tierney
  1884. Trudie Atkinson
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  1889. Anonymous
  1890. Mary O’Connor
  1891. Sister Julia C. Lanigan, GNSH
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  1893. Lea Marie Stein
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  1900. Karen Pramenko
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  1903. Sister Carol Boschert
  1904. Maryellen Redish
  1905. Dawn M. Nothwehr, OSF, Ph.D.
  1906. Fenna Lee Bonsignore
  1907. karen dombrowski
  1909. Sister Marie Annette Seymour, RSM
  1910. Fr P J Madden
  1911. Ann McEntee
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  1913. Anonymous
  1914. Maureen Jessnik
  1915. Mary
  1916. Mary Smith
  1917. Anonymous
  1918. Chester Edward Zysk
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  1920. Anonymous
  1921. Donna Beveridge
  1922. Laurie
  1923. Peg devaney
  1924. Anonymous
  1925. Anonymous
  1926. Anonymous
  1927. Eileen Rudzinski
  1928. Anonymous
  1929. Cathy Fedewa, CSFN
  1930. Teresa Ichniowski
  1931. Saundra Hodges
  1932. We all have to work together to protect God’s creation.
  1933. Toni Shellen
  1934. anonymous
  1935. Kelly Moltzen
  1936. anonymous
  1937. ConCetta Smart
  1938. Ada
  1939. Judi Reis
  1940. irma flores
  1941. Lanie L.
  1942. Marilyn Shea
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  1953. Nancy I. Mehlem
  1954. Sandra Baran
  1955. Anonymous
  1956. Mary Lou Martin
  1957. Patty Redpath
  1958. Eileen Golby
  1959. Merilyn Ryan SSJ
  1960. List my name
  1961. Mary Geraghty
  1962. Sr. Rita Theresa Goulet
  1963. Angela Fitzpatrick, OSU
  1964. Cathlynn Morse, OFS
  1965. Anonymous
  1966. Sister Elaine Hollis, SSJ
  1967. Anne Curtis, RSM
  1968. Sandra Carriker
  1969. Patricia Jelly
  1970. Cathy Rowan
  1971. Sr.Karen Hartman, SFP
  1972. Joan Weisenbeck, FSPA
  1973. Isabelle Alice Claps
  1974. Sr Patricia Morgan, OP
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  1976. Michael O’Neill
  1977. Dan and Sharyn Corson
  1978. Bette Gambonini
  1979. Marguerite Donovan, CSJ
  1980. M Larson
  1981. JM Wilson
  1982. anonymous
  1983. Yvette Cashio
  1984. Jessica Guerrero
  1985. barbara robinson
  1986. Emma Middendorf
  1987. Ann Fox
  1988. Anonymous
  1989. Brother John Paige CSC
  1990. Anonymous
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  1992. Colleen Kammer
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  1996. Joanne
  1997. Anon
  1998. Anonymous
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  2000. Carolyn
  2001. Anonymous
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  2006. J Tucker
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  2010. Very Rev Michael Lynch
  2011. Jovita Harrah
  2012. Anonymous
  2013. Very Rev Michael Lynch
  2014. Anne Pearce
  2015. Anna A Davis
  2016. Fr Chris Ponnet, St Camillus/Pax Christi Southern California
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  2020. Anonymous
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  2023. Anonymous
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  2025. Jtgh
  2026. Gloria Rivera Rivera IHM
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  2028. Anonymous
  2029. Lisa Steiner, OSU-A
  2030. Keeler
  2032. Rhett Engelking
  2033. Betsy Bilger
  2034. John Adamski
  2035. Anonymous
  2036. Marianne Wamboldt
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  2038. Aetna Thompson
  2039. Mary Liepold ofs
  2040. Sister Beverly
  2041. Marylyn Felion
  2042. Mary Ann McDonald
  2043. Tamra Travers
  2044. Richard (Dick) Garber
  2045. Anonymous
  2046. Cathryn House
  2047. Linda A Prado
  2048. Eric T Carpe
  2049. K.Savory
  2050. Anonymous
  2051. Mary Worth
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  2059. Dr. Theresa Keller
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  2061. Philip McManus
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  2063. Kathleen
  2064. Amy Zeder
  2065. camilla l brozovic
  2066. Michael Brozovic
  2067. Anonymous
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  2069. Betsy Fairbanks
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  2071. Grace
  2072. Mary Pat Lenahan
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  2075. eleanor
  2076. Mary C Bunting
  2077. Louise C Gregg
  2078. Kathy Younkin
  2079. Maureen Daly, St Vincent Parish, Baltimore
  2080. Anonymous
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  2082. Kim Nunez
  2083. Bob Podzikowski
  2084. Jane
  2085. Bob Ronan
  2086. Carol A. Corrigan
  2087. Anonymous
  2088. Anonymous
  2089. Elias D. Mallon
  2090. Leah Levitt
  2091. Geoffrey Levitt
  2092. David Poirier. SA
  2093. Fr. James Gardiner, SA
  2094. Frank Zaveral
  2095. Sister Mary Sarah Dolan, SA
  2096. Anonymous
  2097. Sister Paul Teresa Hennessee, SA
  2098. Anne
  2099. Barbara Bowles
  2100. Pat Ball
  2101. Garland Debner Pohl
  2103. Linda Cataldo Modica
  2104. Deacon Terry Barber, ofs
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  2108. Mary C. Rocks
  2109. Gretchen Roos
  2110. Robi Cavagnaro
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  2112. Anonymous
  2113. Elizabeth Meer
  2114. Rae Morrison
  2115. Jack Tischhauser
  2116. Benita Coffey OSB
  2117. Linda Miller
  2118. Susanne Lachapelle
  2119. Bruce
  2120. Anonymous
  2121. Karen L
  2122. MJ
  2123. Kathy Heffernan
  2124. Megan McKenna
  2125. Mary Martin
  2126. Kenneth Smits
  2127. Regina Birchem
  2128. Carolyn McDonnell
  2129. Susan Junkroski
  2130. Linda Jenkins
  2131. Vivian M Sawicki
  2132. Agnes Brien
  2133. Suzanne Clark
  2134. Stephanie Retrum
  2135. Christina Meyer
  2136. Rev Vernon Meyer, PhD
  2137. Kathleen Nolan
  2138. Jane Tucker
  2139. Patrick Elder
  2140. Lorraine Leibold, OP
  2141. bill donohue
  2142. Dennis Warner
  2143. anonymous
  2144. Beth Begley
  2145. Jean Blair, LMSW
  2146. Doug Hennessy
  2147. Timothy Schmaltz
  2148. Anonymous
  2149. Brian McLauchlin
  2150. David Taylor
  2151. Tony Magliano
  2152. Susan Zabel, OblSB
  2153. Annoy
  2154. Sister Colleen Dauerbach SSJ
  2155. Marie Steinitz
  2156. Marge Francois
  2157. Jim & Linda Masini
  2158. Anonymous
  2159. Sue Malone
  2160. Elizabeth Sheppard
  2161. Leon Alirangues
  2162. Yes
  2163. Jo Hendricks,OPA
  2164. Kimberly Torres
  2165. PM Draxler
  2166. MaryLouise Chesley-Cora
  2167. Rose Gansle
  2168. Mary Jo Iozzio
  2169. Mary
  2170. Mary W.
  2171. Joanne McClarty
  2172. Anonymous
  2173. Susan
  2174. Margaret Gearhart
  2175. Richard R Duncan
  2176. Anna Marie Reha, SSND
  2177. Marcus Mescher
  2178. Patti O’Connor
  2179. Anonymous
  2180. Joan Singleton
  2181. Bob Kelly
  2182. MaryJacinta
  2183. Sister Linda Snow
  2184. Anonymous
  2185. Joyce K
  2186. Ronald Pagnucco
  2187. Rose C.
  2188. Sr. Rita Feeney
  2189. Glenda & Conrad Armandi
  2190. Elizabeth Terbrock
  2191. Sr. Mary Lou Palas
  2192. Mary Smith
  2193. Mary Jo Iozzio
  2194. Ro Riegle
  2195. anonymous
  2196. Ron Holman
  2197. Mary Lange
  2198. anonymous
  2199. John Cloninger
  2200. Anonymous
  2201. Mary Jo Iozzio
  2202. Toni
  2203. Rev. Bruce Bouchard
  2204. Fennalee Bonsignore
  2205. Anonymous
  2206. Mary E Crowther
  2207. Mary Ellen Gondeck
  2208. Roseann Hayek
  2209. Beth P.
  2210. Sister Linda Snow, csj
  2211. Anonymous
  2212. Nguyen Lam
  2213. Joan Henehan
  2214. Jtgh
  2215. Malcolm L
  2216. William J. Collinge
  2217. Denise Ginty
  2218. Anonymous
  2219. Ann Pax
  2220. Nguyen Lam
  2221. Joan Henehan
  2222. Jtgh
  2223. Malcolm L
  2224. William J. Collinge
  2225. Denise Ginty
  2226. Anonymous
  2227. Ann Pax
  2228. Tom Sobel
  2229. Anonymous
  2230. Roberta
  2231. Lucy.
  2232. Paul-Mary Draxler, SSND
  2233. Sr. Marie Lemert, SS.CC.
  2234. Frank McCann
  2235. Karen
  2236. Carol Brong
  2237. Diane Krantz
  2238. Celine O’Neill
  2239. Susie Clark
  2240. Patricia Long
  2241. Barbara Weigand,IHM
  2242. Peggy Meyer
  2243. Raymond Lee Heil
  2244. Dr. Mary Packard
  2245. Louise C Gregg
  2246. Tom Bander
  2247. jovita harrah
  2248. Matt Eilert
  2249. Margaret A.
  2250. Gigi Gruenke
  2251. Sister Irma Dillard, RSCJ
  2252. Susan Vogt
  2253. Richard Galvin
  2254. John McLaughlin
  2255. Marilyn Schwieterman
  2256. Lori Zito
  2257. Jennifer Tomasino
  2258. Larry Hufford, PhD
  2259. anonymous
  2260. anonymous
  2261. Stephen McDaniel
  2262. anonymous
  2263. Lisa Hirsch
  2264. James Salt
  2265. anonymous
  2266. Anonymous
  2267. Judy M. Holmes
  2268. Barbara
  2269. Michele Murdock
  2270. Anonymous
  2271. Anonymous
  2272. Marj Tursak
  2273. anonymous
  2274. Marilyn L. Perry

Why folks have made the pledge to protect others:

We can get through this time only by being for each other.

Bob Sauerbrey

Reason and solidarity.

Tony Santangelo

People of good will in this time of adversity must take a stand for what is right!

Amy Zeder

To share in solidarity with others and as a reminder of my commitment.

Sister Julie Grote

It is so important that we not only care for ourselves but for others and to be mindful of them at this time.

Mary Rogers

To protect others and show solidarity.

Wayne Porter

I want to contribute to everyone’s health as we build a stronger sense of national and world community.

Julie Atkins

Because we seem to have forgotten regular etiquette rules and are so divisive in our interactions.


I am a white female and thus have been privileged. This pandemic is new to me. However, the pandemic of poverty, racism, misogyny, et al, have been experienced and suffered by so many of my fellow Americans. I want to make a difference in ALL of our lives.

Rita Cotterly

The virus will remain with us. We need to do whatever we can to keep down illness and death.

Lois I Bernbeck

It’s the least I can do and I have a desire to do something.

Frank M. Goetz

As an advocate for housing the unhoused, I know how dangerous this virus is for them. These brothers and sisters need us to take an honor the pledge.

Stanley Taylor

To join a community in common effort.


We are in this together.

Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss

We are all in this together.

Br. Michael Gosch, CSV

I am taking this plege because it is the very least I can do to help heal this nation and this world in such a desperate time.

Evalee Mickey

I’m taking the pledge to show folk who are struggling with anxiety & depression & uncertainty for life that was more certain before, that there are persons praying for persons who I know soulfully are my brothers & sisters, fellow expressions of Godde/the Universe.

Wendy Clarissa Geiger

We are always all dependent on each other in ways obvious and invisible, and this pandemic has made that interdependence especially clear. In making small sacrifices like wearing a mask in public and bigger ones like refraining from seeing friends and family, I recognize that my actions can affect–can hurt and even lead to the deaths of–others, and I hope that others demonstrate the same awareness and compassion to me and those I love.

Mary Jeanette Moran

We live under an economic sysem that puts profits before people.

Michael Pastorkovich

We’re all in this together and this confirms my personal commitment.

Robert Podzikowski

It is way to express my faith in our unity as one human family and the dignity that is the right of every person to expect as well as the responsibility of each person to protect.

Benita Coffey OSB

Because I am not willing to sacrifice anyone’s life for the sake of money over people, I sign this pledge. All lives are valuable in the sight of God!

John Ohlendorf

The pledge seems reasonable, and mindful of all those who are threatened by this virus – threatened physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually.

Kathy Ponce

I firmly believe that we are all brothers and sisters; and, as such, are bound to help take care of each other

Rob Conway

The common good is a strong foundation.

Edward Rowley

I want to promote peace and justice through dialogue.

Margaret A Flanagan

I believe in the dignity of each person.

Sister Carol

I am concerned that we are opening too soon.

Father Mike Van Cleve

Enough is enough!

Bonnie B

I believe in the common good and we are all in this together

Charlie Ara

We are all in this together

DeeDee Tostanoski

To establish positive ways of interacting that will stay with us through and after the pandemic.


I would like to do my part in keeping all of us safe.

Fran D

When we have before us life and death our faith calls on us to choose life.

Bob Zeigler

Because I believe we are all one so loving and taking care of others I am doing it to myself as well.

Reverend Harry J Bury PhD

I’m taking the pledge as a tribute to all those who risk their lives daily in service to the our communities–those who provide our food, ensure our safety, and care for those who ill or in need. Thank You for choosing the common good!

Ann Scholz, SSND

I stand for care for the vulnerable, support for wise leadership and the common good, and for peace.

William J. Mackinson

We need to build a momentum if people coming together as One Body for the sake of our world

Sister Clare Pratt, RSCJ

I appreciate the opportunity to add my voice for the wellbeing of all people by safe practice as directed by the scientific and medical community for the protection of us all.

Patricia Belongie

To unite with all in support of the “dear neighbor” around the globe

Sister Linda Snow, csj

Just how it should be by rule of the law


We are in this together. I want to do my part.

Mary Ellen Meckley, BVM

I’m very interested in keeping myself safe by keeping others safe. Until we are more concerned about others, we will never be able to take care of ourselves. It’s ALL about US!

Mary Danhauer

I feel it is very important to come together to protect one another and thst coming together is the only way that will happen.

Sandra DeMann, fspa

We are on this earth to love others

George Pospisil

It’s a beautiful idea and should be very powerful in these negative times. I hope I can live up to it!

JV Connors, Ph.D.

If we all take the pledge we will all be safer.

Elizabeth Stephens

I am taking the pledge because I believe that all human beings are children of God. CST is guiding my responses to this pandemic. This pledge is one way I can affirms CST.

SheilaMarie Tobbe

We need to act together to support one another. People feel abandoned and alone and vulnerable. We can protect each other with the disciplines suggested thus give each other hope and affirmation.

Fr. Bob Cushing

I want to be in solidarity with those who find it nearly impossible to practice social distancing and who work in conditions that jeopardize their safety. nearly impossible to practice social distancing nearly impossible to practice social distancing or who

Sister Marie Kyle

Because God told us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.

Ellen M.

I am a member of PAX CHRISTI MA Board

Sue Malone

Do unto others as you would that they do unto you

Patricia Chang

As a white, middle class, American in a residence, privileged to pray, work, and recreate, pledge to protect reminds me to advocate for others less fortunate than me

Br. Steve Herro, O. Praem.

By taking this pledge, I am committing myself to doing what is best for me, my family, neighbors, community and beyond to stem the spread of this coronavirus. I am gratified that Pax Christi USA is offering us this opportunity.

Camille S Yahm

As we are embarking on a new normal we, as members of the human family must learn to work and support each other in peace, good will, and harmony.


The pledge states what I believe to be true and for the common good.


The Holy Spirit is leading us to be connected to each other.

ms. linda nishi

A good way to show we’re in this together!

Tom Mechtenberg

We have to take care of each other, and especially those who are most vulnerable.

Mark Andersen

I believe this pledge supports the first principle of Catholic Social Teaching: To support the Common Good

Sr. Beverly Anne LoGrasso

It is not about me, it is about we.

Ben Ament

I aspire to follow the principles of Catholic Social Teaching. While I am sinful and flawed, I try every day to make those principles manifest in some ways. Thanks.

Stephen Ruemenapp

I am taking the pledge because I care about others, the environment and myself. I believe we can reduce the number of those who are dying and who are becoming sick. We have a responsibility to others.

Sister Mary Ellen Loch

I see this as a way to make a public statement that I am willing to do whatever is necessary to protect the lives of others.

Phyllis Turner Jepson

I care about others.

Karen J Bierle

We need to get the word out and also give support


As a spiritual connection with others.

John Shalanski

I suspect most of the Pax Christi followers are already doing all on the pledge, but if the list of signers is really long it may encourage others it may encourage others to do everything possible to protect others. Thank you for this initiative.

Sister Mimi Ballard

We have lost many people to COVID-19 here in Detroit where poverty and years of water shutoffs have created a public health crisis that has resulted in one of the highest COVID death rates in the country. This is a revelatory moment when this nation’s shredded social net is taking a deadly toll. Many essential workers are poorly paid or undocumented. I am taking the pledge because I support them and because the giant triplets of racism, poverty, and militarism are taking the lives of our brothers and sisters. We have stockpiled nukes but can’t offer basic PPE to our most vulnerable who are bearing the brunt of a broken system.

Kim Redigan

Pace e bene e grazie!!!

Patricia & Peter Ladley

Now more than ever, we need to love our neighbors as Jesus encouraged us to do

Walt Kelly

We share the same world. We are responsible for it–and each other.

Leslie Scarborough Potter

This pledge is what I want for each of us, for our institutions and governments and for our global community.


Many people and small business are suffering. Health care workers have been asked to do more with less pay.

Tracy Giglio

Show support – solidarity


We are one Body.

Laetitia Bordes, SH

I believe in science

Carol L Kain

This expresses what it means for me to be a baptized disciple of Jesus Christ.

Maureen E. O’Reilly

To do the most Christian thing I can do, to pray for others who have the virus and for those who provide medical care to those who do have the virus.

William Berning

Being a responsible citizen

Jean Murin, RSM

I believe that we are all related and I have a responsibility to all other beings.


One small inconvenience for me may mean LIFE for someone else. Who wouldn’t, in good conscience, be willing to do that?

Mary L. Hanna – Pax Christi Michigan

Our society faces unusual stresses and dangers. We can assume that there will be fevers of the spirit as well as of body, there will be terrifying threats not only to body but to our common humanity. We already see signs of xenophobia, alienation, and partisan polarization, and economic disruption contributing to civil disturbance. We know that Detroit Friends join many others in realizing that anything we do to recognize that of God in ourselves and call forth the same awareness from those we meet may be among the most important works of peace and social concern we will be called to perform. Friends, let’s all work and pray to be safe, and to work and pray that, whatever else, we remain faithful and awake.

Michael and Carmen Kelly

It is the human thing to do.

Randel Myers

I signed the Pledge to Protect Others during this pandemic. Join me and take the pledge today! #pledge2protect #together4all https://mypledgetoprotect.org

Liz Maloney

Because lives depend on it. Period.

Kim Thompsen

I believe that we are our brother’s keepers and I intend to do my best to protect them.

Carol Fausz

We are all One!

Nancy Fackner CSJ

This pandemic is a call to change. I hope and pray that I will be part of the change

Laurie Bair

I am over 65 with a somewhat-compromised immun I want to do everything in my power to help protect the frontline workers in healthcare, food supply and other essential services, and all those who do not have access to adequate health care.

Nick Mele

We are one body…when one part suffers we all suffer.

Marc Adams

Thank you for the opportunity to state publicly that I support the statements in the pledge, especially that I will continue to act for the common good regardless of what local or state rules are in place.

Miriam Welly Elliott

I believe we ARE In This together and I want to do my part to rid the globe of this virus.

Inspired by Elmira Peace Vigil, founded by Pax Christi in Elmira NY

Daryl Denning

I am taking this pledge to emphasize my belief that we are one, and it is in acknowledging our shared responsibility for each other that we are most fully human.

Suzanne English

I believe in protecting the dignity of each person

Joy Peterson, PBVM

I am taking the pledge as an act of love for the other.

Charlene Bunch

I’m taking the pledge because it’s the right thing to do!

Rev. Dr. Beverly A. Bingle

In solidarity with you all, and with all the world

Betty Thompson

I am United Methodist, and our founder’s first rule was to “Do No Harm.”

Elizabeth W. Corrie

For the Love of God

Let us manifest the common good in our own actions.

Edith Newman

Because as Catholics we are committed to the common good & the image of God in every human being.

Mary Hembrow Snyder

To minimize the risk to the most vulnerable in my community

Carole Lacour

I am concerned that the virus will spread if we open up too quickly. I will do what I can to protect life.

Rev. Dr. Carol Vaccariello

To join my voice with so many who want to make a difference for the world

Sister Marian Durkin, CSA

I am one with all the people; who are infected, who have died and who are serving and providing the needs to all. We are together in this situation.

To defend our medical and governmental guidelines for safety in our society to prevent spread of Covid-19 by providing education to all I meet

As Catholic healthcare workers we are called to the care of others, especially the most vulnerable among us.

Annette & Bill Shine

Pro-life requires wearing a mask in public

Lorin Peters

Perhaps those who are confused about what to do need just one more person to sign the pledge before they make their decision.

Sr. ida Berresheim, CSJ

Every member of the human family deserves to be treated with dignity and respect

John MacFadyen

I want everyone to share in the respect that should be given to all people because we all are children of God belonging to one human family to all people

Lynn Marie Zawacka

I am signing this because I care about others

Evelyn A Lamoureux

Social responsibility

Sharon Mosier

I am pledging because 1)the golden rule “Do unto others as you would want done to you 2) my 19 month old grandson 3) my 95 yr old father 4) I’m a caring citizen of the U.S. 5) I don’t want to cause one single person to get sick or die



Fr. Jim Hoffman

It’s the right thing to do

R Salata

I believe in everything this pledge says and I want to help.

Sister Chabanel Mathison, O.S.U.

I take this pledge because I am connected to all who suffer from isolation. Those frustrated and wanting to get back to work/activities as well as those at risk of being infected. May PEACE prevail!

Camille Brouillard, IHM

This is what i intend to do…Maybe it is a good idea to go public with it!!


If we don’t look out for others we have learned nothing, please Dear God let me have learned

John Z

We must all work together!


I believe it is the ethical path.

Susan Jenczka

We are all in this together. We need to support and uplift one another.

Mary Louis Rustowicz

I am a retired nurse who had worked in nursing for 48 years and scientifically understand the seriousness of a deadly virus and have and will continue to practice infectious precautions to the public as the CDC advises and have done so for the last 8 weeks. Jo Ann

Jo Ann Capaul

All life is sacred, we have lost too many brothers and sisters to this virus and greed


We all need to respect the needs (and not the wants) of all!

Fr. Jack Schuler

It’s the right thing to do.

Concetta Smart (Pax Christi Seed Planters)

With love and in solidarity with our human family.

Sarah Tipperreiter

It’s SO important!

Kath Schneider

An act of solidarity with our suffering world

Mary Lou Simcoe SUSC

This is one small thing I can do to show my solidarity with all people and my interconnectedness with everything that is.

Frances Cavey, susc

We are responsible for each other; it is important to do all We can for the common good of ALL.

Mary Sue Babb, CA

This response is an act of concern and love for my sisters and brothers.

Mary Louise Chesley-Cora

For me it is the right thing to do!

Marlene Schemmel, csj

To protect not only my family but others as well.

Megan Hannon

Because it is important that we all take care of one another now and always.

Catherine Hurla

Because I want to be safe and I want those whom I love to be safe.

Julianne Ture

Violence ends where love begins.

Pierre Thompson, Pax Christi Northern California Regional Representative

Mask 😷 = Love ❤️


I am grateful for this opportunity to live out my baptismal vows that I renewed at Easter.

David Philippart

I do not want people, adults nor children to die for the economic reasons! All lives matter! One death is one too many and the number of deaths of good and decent Americans is appalling!


I want to remember those who are most vulnerable and safeguard them.

Patty B

Follower of Christ

For the care and love of my family and my world

Because I care about other people / Porque me importan las otras personas


I am committed to the common good. Put others first, always.

Michelle K. Heck

My beloved mother died of COVID19. I don’t want anyone else to suffer her fate nor our family’s.

Patricia M. Baley

My commitment to act responsibly and compassionately during crisis of Covid-19.

Sets Amann

I am taking the pledge to protect my loved ones, essential workers, our community. We have an opportunity to do something so much greater than ourselves and it doesn’t require much of us (personally), but it does require all of us.

Kristen Young

I contracted Covid in early April, and while I was fortunate enough to not require hospitalization, I wouldn’t want to see anyone else go through what I experienced.

John Castagliola

i am a human being and i love other human beings.

mabe wassell

Right thing to do

Phoebe Valle

I feel it is an ethical/moral obligation

Sue Farley

Because life is a gift from God. We need to value over it above money and find new ways to support the vulnerable and marginalized.

Pat Finan

For others

Valerie Wagner

For our common good.

Matt Knowlton

I believe deeply in the interconnectedness of all beings, in the worth and dignity of each person, and in the expertise and wisdom of scientists and medical professionals

Kristi Iverson

I’m taking the pledge because it’s the right thing to do-the Christian thing to do.

Dori Berger Wozniak

To help protect the most vulnerable among us.

Karen Sullivan

Love your neighbor as yourself

Brenda S

Science is the Answer

To care for and about others honors our shared humanity.

Christine Zimmermann

Freedom means responsibility….and we must all be responsible for each other’s safety!

Linda Flood Sexton

To me it is amoral imperative

Marcie Shea

I believe in what this pledge states. I think as a Christian we should all take this pledge.

Mrs. Nancy Stock

Protect my pregnant daughter and my granddaughter

Patricia Korenko

I feel strongly that all individuals’ lives are sacred. We need to value our mutual human spirit and souls.

Marianne MacDonald

Save lives!


I’m an essential employee, I’m already careful, this just helps others to realize.

Peter Budagher

It’s the right thing to do.

I am part of the solution

Maureen Nealon

I’m taking this pledge because the way Ruth this for the global community is to practice the behavior that medical experts tell us will be helpful and prevent the virus from spreading to others. I am also concerned about the Unequal treatment some parts of society will receive.

Nan Gray

I am an MRI technologist, I am committed to keeping my patients safe, and I have underlying health conditions. I pledge to protect.

Therese Kunze

My soul aches and I have shed tears for this country. The polarization and negativity have been overwhelming. Christ is the vine and it’s time for me to be a branch that produces good fruit.

Darlene A Bilsley

As a responsibility to mankind

I care about the health of all

Paula Wenzl

We need to pull together- not apart.

Donna Becher

It is important for each of us to be responsible for each other’s well-being and to work on becoming a more just society, caring for the most vulnerable among us and working toward equality, living more simply, not hoarding food or goods, leaving enough for the other and being kind in word and deed.

Patricia M.

It is important to me to protect others.i am also vulnerable but that is nothing compared to my responsibilities for the greater good…for husband, for family for Earth and our people.


I want to emulate Jesus by caring for others.

Linda Trzos

It is an act of care, concern & compassion for all.

Mary Ellen Quinn, Pax Christi Maine

I’m taking the pledge to do anything I can, as an individual person, to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Susan Allen

To be in solidarity because we’re all in this together.

Carolyn McDonnell

We serve God by helping others in many different forms.

I’m taking the pledge because we can still have faith AND listen to what public health experts tell us.

Beth Shaum

It is an act of respect for other persons.

I believe that staying home; practicing hand washing and keeping social distance saves lives!

We all have a responsibility to care for others.

Kathy Donnermeyer

We need to take care of each other.

Annette Acosta-Dickson MD

Masks save lives and show you care.

Marggie Royston

Now is the moment, now is the time. This very day there is salvation.

Andrew Puntel

Because as a RN, NP this is a very serious pandemic


To keep myself and those around me safe

Michael Goleniewski

This pandemic reveals how much we need and affect each other everywhere in the world.

Sister Edith Bogue, OSB

To protect the universal church and fight the racism and lies of those who defile it with their hatred

Benjamin Cardenas

I love my neighbor as a follower of Christ.

Mary McGurran

Followers of Christ take care of everyone.

Charmaine Cordero

Because I’ve always believed in the common good

Mary Kay Lamarre

The common good. It’s all about the common good. WWJD? Protect the common good and human dignity!

John Winston Powell, M.A. (Theology)

I signed this pledge because I support the positive message and steps it communicates at this time that we so desperately need to see a better tomorrow for all.

Rosalinda R. Cardenas

Our lives are only valuable when we protect and respect the most vulnerable…

Dr Lori Walton

I hope to encourage others to join me in wearing masks.

I’m not ready to die nor contribute to anyone else’s death due to Covid-19

Jan Singer

Solidarity with our brothers and sisters

David Atwood, Pax Christi Houston

Because all human life is valuable.

Kirstin Abel

For all those on the front lines and families of those who have lost a loved one to Covid-19.


I believe we must do all that it entails

Because I believe life is precious and we have a duty to our fellow humans and to ourselves.

Alina Sedlander

this pandemic is not about politics, race, or creed. Its about using good judgement and caring about others

Mary G

To protect my brothers and sisters in Christ.

It is an easy thing to do I’m order to help keep my neighbors safe. We need to care for others; not only our immediate family.

Ginny Lederman

I believe it is the right thing to do!

“Whatsoever you do to the least of my people…..”

Bleu Andersen

To protect loved ones and the loved ones of others.

Jeanne C

It is simply the responsible thing to do.

Donna Marple

It’s the least I can do for family, friends, students, and all those I meet. Everyday of COVID 19 reminds me visibally we are all always entrusted with each other’s lives and called to love and healing.

Laura M. Westhoff

It is needed in this time


Committed to keep everyone safe regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or religion.

Bobbie Surott Kimberly

I feel strongly that patience and studied pace using evidence based science is required for safe resumption of usual life

Valerie Bica

I need to do all I can to protect the and show I care about God’s creation.

Mary Lou Palas SC

I believe we are interconnected with each other as the Body of Christ. We are called to care for each other.

Sister Alice Arsenault,susc

We are all connected to one another. We are called to love. Each person is precious.

Madonna Kuciejczyk-Kernan

It is our responsibility to care for and protect those who are most vulnerable in our communities.

John Kozyra

I thoroughly agree that by taking this pledge we can work together in a way to better stop this virus.

I fall into the high risk age and plan to abide by the orders. Plus, everyone just pray for healing of those suffering and for the repose of those who have passed because of this virus.

Denny Chandonnet

It is the responsible thing to do to protect others as well as outselves.

Barbara J Sopp

To stand as a caring Christian

Belpre resident

In this time of pandemic, I want to share with others my commitment to compassionate care for all people.

Dr. Peter R. Gathje

We are all one.

Connie Willis

Faith and the common good demand it. And, as the Irish proverb say;s, “It is in one another’s shadow that we live.”

Deirdre McKiernan Hetzler

I am taking this pledge to help ensure the lives of my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren

Agnes Brien

A pledge calls for action and this pledge will remind me to wear a mask and practice social distancing despite what is happening in the world around me.

Barbara Richardson

This is important and I feel i am my brothers or sisters keeper and it is up to me

Marie Sajsa

This is important and we are responsible for each other

Marie T Sajsa

I firmly believe in this.

Gloria Ulterino

To love and protect each other and our world

Linda Szocik

To help sat a kinder world

This is a moment to demonstrate that no man or woman is an island. My choice has a large ripple effect.

Phyllis Shepherd

It’s the right thing to do

Sherry Pasquarello

In this global “crunch time,” what is it each of us might offer? Dare we, to the extent possible, be helpers? Remember, that’s who Mr. Rogers’ mom reminded him to seek out when he was little and scared. And we’ll make Mr. Rogers proud, too! Stay strong!!

R. Jay Allain

A beautiful and necessary commitment

Susan P. Harden Pax Christi

We are one global family. We must do everything we can to stop this virus and take care of each other. It’s not about my rights…it’s about doing what is right.

Dianne Sabol, OSB

De esto tenemos que salir juntos y el compromiso de cuidarnos debe de ser de todos. Estamos ante un virus nuevo y muy contagioso, no podemos dejarlo todo a la suerte. Si llegamos a contagiarnos que sea lo mas tarde posible cuando exista una cura o vacuna

Teresa Gonzalez

It is. Very important to speak up for justice and one’s values. This is a time not to remain quiet!

Margaret Mary Murtha

We need to protect one another until a cure is found for this birus

Because I believe we can help win over the virus by keeping each other safe.

for those most vulnerable, the homeless, refugees, those working and living in nursing homes, friends and family nursing others in these times.

Anne McCarthy, OSB

Increase Publicity

Sue Malone

In solidarity with all of the planet’s people as we struggle to become more human.

Suzanne Shanley

We must all embrace our interconnectedness & spread love and compassion for each other! Stay safe. Be well.

Jean S

I am taking the pledge in solidarity with all the others taking the pledge so that we can work together to follow the advice of doctors and scientists and eventually eradicate the virus.

Eleanor Maclellan

It’s the right thing to do

As a way of showing we’re all in this together and spreading the pledge is a great way.

Kay Coll, SSJ

We are all connected and responsible for each other.

Carol De Angelo, SC

Lo hage por el bienestar comun.


I believe that it is imperative that we all work together to care for every vulnerable person on our planet.

Mary A Hunt

We are all members of God’s family. We should love one another. God bless us one and all.

Deacon Al Manzella

I need to be a role model to others out there. Lead by example.

We are all connected and responsible for each other.

Carol De Angelo, SC

What would Jesus do? This! ❤️

Rev. Grayson Van Camp

We’re all in this together,as has been said.

Tracy Knapp

It is important to serve as Jesus served.

Joe Maurer

Protecting ourselves and others is our loving response at this time of crisis.

Neil Castronovo

We understand that we “Inter-be” with all beings. The pledge is our acknowledgment of that belief. Thank you for this opportunity

Patricia & Peter Ladley

For my family

Helen Lansche

To protect others

I believe that we must reach out to others and help them to realize the importance of social distancing measures, the use of masks and other measures recommended by those who are experts in epidemiology.

Mary Kay Hartman

This pandemic is larger than us frail humans. I suggest that by pledging to be cautions we display what loving your neighbor looks like.

Gerald R. Gioglio, ofs

Journey in oneness as a universal statement

barb northrup ihm

We are all stardust, life created with the breath of life, all children of the same God.

Susan Tanguay

I signed the pledge for each person is a gift from God and deserves respect.

Barbara Weigand,IHM

We should all love as we have been loved by God.

Ann D Hungerman

Because I care about others.

I believe taking the pledge will be helpful in not spreading the coronavirus but also is loving our neighbor.

Carol Janowiak, IHM

I want to be very supportive to all in the world who have been suffering and dying of this pandemic

Hopefully the Earth will become a we planet rather than disagreeing factions

Respect for humanity

Michele & Richard

Sometimes things that should be evident need to be said.

Alexander Vernon

To protect myself and others I come in contact with.

Jill Darcy

The pledge is a statement and witness of solidarity and connectedness I believe, in a situation in which each of us has a responsibility to one another and ourselves.

Joyce M Rothermel

I’m taking the pledge to help keep family, friends, and my community safe.

Theresa Kohler

We are ONE!

Sr. Joan Mumaw, IHM

We must respect, honor and protect each other as much as possible and follow the science. . We are in this together.

Karen Quinn

I think it is imperative that we respect each other by taking all the recommended precautions so that we and all our sisters and brothers can live.

Gretchen Webb, IHM

This is important to everyone, our families, friends, our communities, and our future.

Mary Sauers

This is exactly what I believe. We must take care of one another.

Susan Nagele

Because it is the right thing to do! We need to care for each other, the common good, the good of the whole.

Ted Miles, Executive Director, Maryknoll Lay Missioners

We are all sisters and brothers and God has called us to love one another. This is especially for those poor and marginalized.

Anne Wootten

the pandemic is not over. we don’t have a vaccine!

S. A. Fowler

Because this life is about more than my comfort or my freedoms. It’s the right thing to do.

Janice Bannigan

I see the need to trust science and to be aware of the fact that all of humanity are affected.

Peg Hoffmiller

I am taking this pledge because I know that what I do effect others and I want to keep my family, friends and even strangers safe. A little inconvenience by me can save someone’s life. I am part of a world wide community that treats everyone as they want be treated. We are all in this together!

Madeline Labriola

I want to do whatever is necessary to help keep people safe and COVID-19 free

Cindee C

It’s a good cause

Mary Bernadette Graham

While the President does all he can to tear our country apart during this Pandemic, Let us stand in Solidarity with the most vulnerable as Jesus Christ always served those on the margins in his culture and time.

Katy Zatsick ARCWP

Reinforce the desire to care for myself and others

Dotty Stumpf

i believe it to be extremely important and I take joy that my church takes such a compassionate stance.

Mr. Lloyd Penn

Been a Pax Christi Member since 1980.

Ginny King

United and acting together we are stronger!

Anne M Breen

Each of us must step up to protect all of us. We are in this together and we should be willing to protect each other in this simplest way

Vivian M Sawicki

Despite the varied efforts and directives of our state & national political leaders, this pandemic will only be slowed if individuals make the personal commitment to act with a restraint that will be beneficial to all community members.

Kathleen Pannozzi

I take the pledge in the name of the good of everybody. Behind the facemask is the message “I care abou you.”

Jack Jezreel

Let’s all pray that our actions will make us healthier and better together…

It says everything I want to say and share.

Winnie Tyler

Those with the least capacity to take care of themselves are hurt the worst by this virus. They will also be the last to be helped. We must turn this world on its head so those who need the most help get it.

Richard L. Gatjens

There is no good reason not to take this pledge.

Jane Levdansky

I take this pledge to stand with others who want us to come of this crisis as a more caring human community.

Sally Jones

This is a responsibily for all of us

Mary Ann Penner

In solidarity we are strong.

Michael Childers

We need to realize we are One Human Family and what affects/effects one affects/effects the other.

Sister Patricia Soltesz,IHM

Time for all people to come together and realize we are all created in G-D’s image . We need to work together to make our world a better place for all humanity and all G-D’S creatures.

Rabbi Martin S Scharf

Love of neighbors. Love of God

Sr. Catherine

I am taking this pledge to protect the public and to protect myself for as long as professional option of doctors say it is safe to do so!


We need to think beyond our own narrow world and see how we can help everyone live in safety.


Because we are called to love and be loved, and protect the most vulnerable among us.

Amy Finn-Schultz

I want to be a good neighbor and global citizen!

Susie Tierney

My pledge is to protect others.

As a person of Faith and a citizen of the United States, it is a moral imperative for me to protect myself and others. As a retired Nurse who worked in Infectious Diseases for more than 20 years, I know who to trust. It is the CDC, The NIH and Public Health Experts. It is NOT POLITICIANS. This is not about POLITICS or even the Economy. It is about the health, safety and welfare of EVERYONE.

bobi keenan

I truly believe we need to live this pledge out

Michael roach

I take this pledge as a commitment to behaving safely for myself and for others.

Eric T Carpine, ofm

I value life and the life of all those with whom I meet when we are released from lockdown is precious.

Communal solidarity against selfish American individualism.

Kevin Morrisroe aka The Fool

Protect each other

Patti Gulick

It’s the right thing to do

joe schmitt

I’m already committed to wearing a mask to protect others without a pledge.


As a nurse, I am compelled to speak out: God wants us to be safe!

Meg Bowerman

I am doing this in honor of my parents and others who would be more at risk if they caught the coronovirus.

Jennifer Kaminski

I put this on my FB page and repeated the PC -This pandemic has shown us just how intertwined our lives are, how intricately our own fate is bound to the fate of friends and strangers alike all around the world. Because of my belief in the inherent value of every person and the recognition that, in the end, we are all family to one another, I make this pledge.

Therese J Terns

I’m a volunteer EMT as well as a caring human

Joan H Smyth

Everyone needs to take this pandemic seriously. If we don’t do everything we can to protect others many more people will die. The pandemic will continue as long as people continue to spread the virus. God helps those who help themselves. If we want God’s protection we must be willing to protect our fellow human beings. It is the right thing to do. willing to

Babs Breehl

This pledge states the right thing to do at this time for the health and well-being of all.

Louise A Roy

the right thing to do

bill mcgregor

During hard times, we must stand for what is right

Deacon Juan F. Lezcano, OFS

I would like to show my solidarity with all those affected by this pandemic.

Rev. Eugene Squeo

I am a health care worker in service to others

Matthew OConnell

To inspire our resolve to see our way safely through with love and dignity for all.

Leon Alirangues

We are each a part of the fabric of humanity. As John Dunn so aptly put it, “No man [sic] is an island.” Only God can exercise absolute freedom. We must consider our sisters and brothers every time we act or fail to act. I take this pledge to indicate my awareness of this social responsibility out of love as Jesus taught us.

John Cloninger

It’s the pro-life thing to do.

Julie Brehove

We must be instruments of God’s peace by protecting our brothers and sisters.

Father Bill Kremmell

Taking it to faxilitate the hughest degree of cooperation with my fellow human beings

Ellen McDowell

i want to make sure that we are all doing our part to help each other be safe

t h

For humanity we can and should all do our part.

We are the Body of Christ. Protech each other.

Diane Gozdzialski

I’m taking the pledge because it is the right thing to do.

It is pro-life! And kind and just.

Therese Lewandowski

This pledge expresses the fundamental direction of my life commitment to work toward the well being ofa all people and all of creation.

Joan Glisky, IHM

I want us all to be safe and healthy

Maryellen Redish

Because it is the right thing to do.

Marilyn Lewellyn Mackinnon

I care for everyone, everyday, everywhere.


I pray that we may all trat everyone as our equal and worth our care.

Sister Janice Thome

I want to put my voice behind community care .

Lisa Joan Reardon

We are all children of God

John L Tischhauser

Im a follower of Jesus Christ

C Muscavage

I owe it to people who need protection.

I take this pledge because I care for family, friends and community. friends

Gary Johnson

I believe that we have a responsibility to take positive actions to protect others.

Richard Urban

I’m taking the pledge to protect others and to support the health care workers

Marianne Muran

Because we should live by “Do Unto Others”



Joann Gehling

Because we are all brothers and sisters

Opening the economy without a vaccine or effective treatment and PPEs for everyone, is nothing more than offering human sacrifice to the Golden Calf. No Christian should want to go there.

John Robinson

I pray for all who risk their lives to protect others. May God BLESS them

S. M. Virginia SztorcI

I believe it is an expression of respect for others

Fran Ferder, FSPA, Ph.D.

Because it is the right thing to do

Sr. Lucy Slinger

It’s important that we act in solidarity for the common good.

Daniel Fickes

It’s the right thing to do. I am over 60. I would NEVER put another person at risk.

I stand with my brothers and sisters.

Patricia Frost, SSND

To be supportive

M Quintana-Barragan

It is a pledge of solidarity with the entire human family.

Joyce Ann Hertzig, OP

Because Jesus told us to love others❤️


There are some Bishops who are willing to follow President Trump in opening up our churches rathan follow the advice of medical experts and scientists. These “leaders” are NOT following the compassionate response outlined in the pledge. I hope they see this pledge and reconsider: Follow Trump or follow Jesus!

Robert Poignant – Editor of St. Francis RÉSISTANCE to Injustice…

My motto is Hope and Trust in God ; and am adding love of neighbor.


I have a responsibility to care for others by not risking anyone’s health and wellbeing.

Karen A. Jackson

I pray this pledge daily in solidarity with my sisters and brothers throughout the world and in gratitude for the gift of creation.

Patricia Heath, SUSC

We must protect others as we would want to be protected. If others are not protected, then we are not protected. we are ALL interconnected.

Mary T. Danhauer

Because we all matter equally

Maria Strauman

To stand up for the right of all peopleto be protected from this virus

Edward kubik

It’s only what a follower of Jesus would do.

We are in crisis with the rest of the world and we need to act in solidarity with ourselves in the United States and with other nations.


We are in critical times and need to respect and support each other regardless of our differences.

Sr. Sally Brady, OP

Whatever you do for/to the least of these


It’s the selfless, compassionate thing to do…

Pamela B Cohen

“The common good” which is the basis for the constitution in my mind demands that we look beyond our self-interest and give concerted effort to include all people.

Gerald Chmiel

Until there is a vaccine, we should all do what we can to protect ourselves and each other.

Dolores Boyle

We are all sisters and brothers and are called to follow the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

John Zemblidge

I make this pledge as a desire to foster responsible action during this time of pandemic and to encourage others to do similarly.

Rev. Robert Norris

The lack of human decency is based on our current leadership, this must change.

Kathleen E Weaver

To share goodness wherever I can.

Marla Lang, FSPA

I am taking this pledge to join with others who value life above all else, and are committed to doing all that they can to protect others during this pandemic

Mary Beth Moore,sc

It’s a pro-life stance

J. Boberschmidt

Prayer of St Francis & Matt25:31-46

Sugar Bear Comics

We belong to one anothet.

Adrienne kaufmann, OSB

We live on a small planet at a very vulnerable stage of existence.

Elizabeth Lutz

We can’t be only thinking of ourselves at the expense of the poor, the elderly and the vulnerable

D. Burgess

This is a good way to help people take more responsibility for bringing awareness to the needs of others.


There is so much hostility in high government places to black and Hispanic people and the working poor that I want to do all I can to protect those communities.

Lynn Schiffhorst

To love God and neighbor as self

Rev. Chanda Adams

The virus is real and deadly particularly to the fragile elders. I Work on the front Lines.

Mary Lou Mitchell

Because I NEED you all!

Harriet VanVessem

Because I believe in the Gospel message: Love God, Love Your neighbor as yourself!

Because what I do or don’t do effects other people.

Arline M. Schoenberger

No one is safer than the least safe person. We are responsible for each other.

It is something that is easy to commit to yet dire if ignored.

Sr. Vincentia

With the lack of authentic leadership in our country, I appreciate this effort of wise guidance!

Catherine Soley

It is a noble endeavor.

Kate O’Mara

We are all one human family. I pledge to protect all as my family of dear ones.

Sandra Marak

I am taking the pledge to unite my voice with those in support of the Common Good and Catholic Social Teaching.

Sr. Carol Tobler, SIW

Wearing a mask and Social Distancing are signs of respect for others!


Protect others from virus

It’s common sense: why risk our lives unnecessarily?

Joe Hiss

Pro life is about care for health, housing, clean water and air. Taking acts of respect for others during this time of virus is the loving way to live.

Jim Murphy

It’s the only right thing to do.


I believe this virus is serious and I pledge to protect my fellow human beings in a manner that I can: before Gos, this is a moral obligation.

Mary C Fleege

I am a missionary in Peru. I love and respect all of our neighbors who are cooperating with the President of Peru´s directives to observe the quarantine to prevent the virus from spreading here. After two months there is only one case.

Sister M. Ancilla Maloney, IHM

I am fully in support of the pledge and want to live out the breath, passion and purpose the words express.

Suzanne Duzen, SS.C.M.

Following the guidelines is not just for our protection but that of others as well. We are in this together and we are responsible for others, not just ourselves.

Rita Feeney

It is the responsible thing to do both as a Christian and an American.

Mary Ann Adams, IHM

Solidarity- keep us Safe!!

Jan Jeffers, IHM

We are one in the Lord


I’m taking it to save lives and our planet globally.

Sister Jacquelyn Donohue, IHM

I take the pledge to assert this truth: together we can not only make it through this time of crises, but rise above it and be better for it — if we but stand together.

Julie Brann

I believe we are all one and our fate depends on the consensus of everyone. I believe in compassion and kindness.

Anne F Taylor

Now knowing how much we are intertwined world-wide, I am signing to help support all people around the world.

Mary Jo

My actions show that I care about others!

Roberta Smith OSF

we are one

Billie Mazzei

Jesus says it so plainly in Matthew 25:40. Whatever you do to the least of these you do to me. Each life is a gift to be treasured, protected, and loved.

Anne Marie Gomez

I feel more people need this attitude to lessen Covid victims and make a safer environment

It is a responsibility we have to one another.

Mary T. Cullen

Romans 13:10

Rev. Matthew Tate

It’s the right thing to do.

kay sparks

It is always wise to use protective equipment.

John Wozniak

We are a community and need to care for one another as Jesus showed us

Sister Mary Dostal, osu

It is important.


Taking the pledge because we are all in this together and together we can make it through.

Susie Black

Solidarity with others in this crisis. Preservation of life for all, especially the most vulnerable.

Joanne Madden, IHM

It’s important to show that there is widespread support for doing the right thing – and not just opposition to the stay-at-home orders

Because I believe in the Gospel message: Love God, Love Your neighbor as yourself!

I think this is very important for the health and safety of humanity.

John Mostler

Because I feel strongly in peace and justice


I am taking the pledge because, while I deplore the absence of natinal leadership, I can take my own responsibility seriously.

Margaret Carney OSF

Because I believe that we are one family and we need to care for one another.

Fatima Mary Santiago

I am taking this pledge because enduring this pandemic has been challenging for me, and I come from a place of privilege. I want to acknowledge that there are many people dealing with far more difficult situations than I am, and that I feel compelled to help.

Kristin Conrad

As a Christian I need to respect the sanctity of life.


This pledge is a way to be a voice delivering the massage that the greatest act of love as taught and lived by Jesus is to protect all brothers and sisters, especially the marginalized.

Raymond Gilbert

my responsibility

Shirley Tung

There are no words for how appalled I am at the Presidential leadership of this country that seems indifferent to the lives that are being lost because of his lack of leadership about what we need to do to protect other people by wearing masks social distancing etc. I will do what I can and be an example thank you

Trish Gough

It’s the right thing to do for the common good of all.

Anita Goin

I am a health care provider. Sience Rules!

Barbara Wamsley

It is important to show our love for others.

Sister Anonymous

Our indigenous/religious AND science teach us that we are all connected, we are all one.

Susan Wilcox, CSJ

I value those who I love and those who are showing they love me by protecting everyone else including me

Steve M from Brighton Mi

We really are all in this together, part of one universe, one creation.

Carole Rogers

It is a choice to love.

Suzanne Sims, OSU

“Love one another as I have loved you.”

Sr. Patricia Froning, OSF/T

It feels right

M. Fogarty

It is important to work together to stay safe from the virus and to ssure that those most vulnerable receive the helkp they need to prevent contamination and to recover– physically and economically!

Sr. Doretta Cornell, RDC

It is our Christian responsibility to be mindful of all around us.

Diane Braendly, Associate I.H.M

Because it’s the right thing to do.

Pat Eccleston

We are all part of one human family and need to care for each other.

Joyce Kahle, CPPS

It’s important.

It is important to stop the spread of the virus and protect others as well as myself.

Barbara Rose Koch

Because I take seriously the command: “Love your neighbor”.

Mary A Sorensen

I take this pledge in the spirit of solidarity, the foundation of public health practice and a pillar of Catholic social teaching.

Kathleen McCaffrey Friedman

These challenging times call for responsible citizens

Pat Cuccia

Because I care about my neighbors i know these small things are things within my power to help.

Ms Gerry

“That they may be ONE, as the Father and I are One. (This week’s Gospel)

Sr. Barbara Lenarcic, H. M.

I am taking this pledge as a sign of my solidarity with all God’s people.

Sister Mary Glackin, IHM

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